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The first helicopter restaurant in the world

August 13, 2019

The world’s first helicopter restaurant is now ready to serve. If you want to have a fancy dinner with your loved ones, check out the Roocopter One!

Looking for a unique dining experience? Deliveroo offers you a fancy dinner while flying with the world’s first helicopter restaurant Roocopter One. 

Deliveroo has launched their first helicopter restaurant/ Ph: Eventbrite

The idea of helicopter food delivery service

You can find it fantastic having dinner at a restaurant on the 50th floor of a building and enjoy the city views. However, have you thought of a phenomenal dining experience with helicopter while flying 1000 feet over the city? That would be too awesome and unbelievable for some people, but not with Deliveroo, they just launched the first helicopter dining experience in London this August. 

The helicopter experience was based on a simple yet extraordinary idea, eating a meal while flying. However, there are big differences between having a meal on a plane while you travel and eating in a helicopter restaurant. Of course, helicopter dining experience would be more fancy, luxurious, as well as more comfortable and expensive.

How does the helicopter restaurant work?

Customers who book a table at RooCopter One will be able to bring along for a maximum of five guests for the experience. They will depart from Battersea heliport where they will be required to sit through a safety demonstration. Also, local restaurants here will take the food orders and have them delivered to the spot. Customers will experience the helicopter food delivery in 20 minutes and they will be flying over some of London’s most iconic landmarks while enjoying their food.

In addition to that, there is a supermarket that will be available on the app for you to order in specific locations. This app will have a two-month trial with all of the prices of the products remain the same. If there’s high demand from customers, it will carry on. This is really convenient for those who just want a quick meal.

Eating a meal in a helicopter while flying over the city will be the most unforgettable experience that you may have in your life. So now, what are you waiting for?

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