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The Fancy Creams That Are Designed Only For You

December 08, 2018

We have very different skin conditions which makes the best creams for this ones can be the worst for the others.

Hence, you should know about the special designed creams for your skin only by dermatologists.

Challenges we are facing to figure out the best skin care regimen for ourselves

The first one is understanding the ingredients. There are a lot of ingredients in a product and since we are not professors in medicine, we don’t know much about them, about how they will affect our skin. The next challenge is the various factors that influence our skin health such as diet, weather, water quality,…The mass products can’t fit all of these different conditions. Moreover, dermatologists are expensive and can be intimidating.

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A mail-order skin treatment routine chemically designed just for you

An innovative solution for these problems is mail-order beauty treatment. Let me explain, a pair of startups offers consumers a digital skin care quiz and the results then come to a dermatologist. He/she will then design customized regimen for you. This means that the beauty brand will based on your profile and make a new products with ingredients that are most suitable to you. For example, if you care about the signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and acne, they will up the dosage of retinoids to reverse and prevent all of those.

Two companies leading out of the gate are Curology and Advance Venture Partners. They are all aiming at bring the best products designed for customers with the reasonable prices. For instance, urology’s two-month skin care sets—with a cleanser, moisturizer, and custom night cream—start at $60, or you can opt just for the custom cream for $20 per month.

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Here are some basic information about the fancy creams that are designed only for you. Let’s check out the latest news in beauty world through our blog.

December 27, 2018
Lancome launched its sensorial pop-up shop in Haitang Bay

Lancome launched its sensorial pop-up shop in Haitang Bay

This brings a lot of amazing experience for shoppers in such a booming beauty market like nowadays. About the brand’s pop-up store The store is located at Haitang Bay, one of the most famous downtown duty-free destinations in Asia...

January 26, 2018
Gaultier Paris beauty in SS18 PFW
January 08, 2018
Korres to boost development in Asia

Korres to boost development in Asia

Ph: Korres  Korres – a leading Greek natural cosmetics producer have agreed with the acquistion deal by North Haven Private Equity Asia (NHPEA), a private equity fund managed by Morgan Stanley, and Chinese distributor of dermo-cosmetic products Profex for EUR 48.3...

May 19, 2019
Sephora unveils hands free beauty tutorials

Sephora unveils hands free beauty tutorials

Nowadays, with the development of beauty technologies, a lot of modern features have been unveiled to bring beauty fans interesting experiences. Recently, Sephora announced to introduce their new digital technologies at Viva Technology in Paris. Provide useful services to...

September 15, 2017
Want to get soft, defined curls?

Want to get soft, defined curls?

FOR ALL TYPES OF CURLY HAIR, FROM GENTLE WAVES TO TIGHT SPIRALS, CURLS ARE LEFT FRIZZ-FREE, CONDITIONED AND WELL-DEFINED. The set includes intense curl cream, curl defining cream, curl control mouse, curl cleansing conditioner, and curl re-energizing spray