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The evolution of Men’s Grooming Market

May 10, 2019

The beauty market is no longer associated with women as it is used to. Nowadays, men are caring about their appearance more, which is the reason for the gradual development of the male grooming market. The article will provide information about this tremendous growth.

According to the representative from Kline Group, Naira Aslanian, the male grooming market is still in its stage of development but with a lower space. The Kline Group made a new report which focuses mainly on the male grooming market analysis and opportunities. This report states that the market is on its growth trajectory facilitated by the launch of products, the development of subscription box services as well as an effective marketing campaign.

Main categories

Men now care more about their ageing problems / Ph: Skinney Medspa

Skincare products are on the huge demand in the male grooming market. Among all skincare products, the men are looking for exfoliants, SPF products, anti-ageing creams, eye creams, masks and tinted moisturisers.

Another category that expands aggressively is subscription box services. These services were introduced by brands like Dollar Shave Club and now they are perceived as a multimillion-dollar category.

Evolution of retail stores

Many retails are designing the space for men beauty products to adapt to the development of the male grooming market. Physical stores keep dominating instead of e-commerce. Many brands are offering great experiences for men and increasing the number of beauty products available for men.

The future scenario for the male beauty market

The amount of beauty products for men is estimated to increase sharply, especially daily skincare products. Some kinds of products that are likely to dominate the male grooming market include skin serums, beard-body-hair wash, Moisturizer, anti-ageing and anti-acne products,…

As men realize the importance of their appearance, the male grooming market will be an ongoing development. It is time for men to take care of themselves.


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