The difference between BOTOX BROWLIFT and BROWLIFT SURGERY

Amongst aesthetics surgery treatment types, botox browlift technology is becoming the HOT beauty service that many people love and seek.  But not everyone understands what is botox browlift?  When should do a botox browlift?  The following information shared from estheticians will definitely give you useful knowledge from this botox browlift method.

The difference between




1. What is a botox browlift?  

 According to aesthetics experts, botox is a pure natural protein extracted from the bacterium Botulinum Toxic Type A, has the effect of relaxing the upper muscles causing wrinkles to fade, smooth or lose these wrinkles. 

The botox browlift is an advanced cosmetic technology without surgery to help raise eyebrows naturally, harmoniously and youthfully.

The botox browlift is favored and chosen by many people for the advantages:

 - Botox is proven to have high compatibility with the human body.

 - No surgical intervention, no surgery, so the process is very gentle, no bleeding, few side effects, absolutely no traces of cosmetic intervention

 - No recovery time, no need to abstain.

 - Fast execution, only from 5 - 10 minutes.

 - Effective immediately after injection.

 - The price is cheaper than eyebrow lift surgery

Some disadvantages of botox browlift:

 - Effective maintenance for a certain period of time (6-8 months) is the biggest disadvantage of the botox browlift method.  Therefore, in order to keep the results of beautiful browlift over time, you are required to periodically inject botox as prescribed by a reputable specialist.

 - Botox only works to improve soft tissue, but completely cannot regenerate and shape eyebrows like surgery.

 - In some cases, the eyebrow muscle is too sagging, then a botox browlift cannot be effectively resolved, requiring surgical intervention.

 Experts also recommend that, if you operate at poorly reputation aesthetics clinics and centers, using botox products of poor quality, of unknown origin can cause undesirable side effects such as  : headache, nausea, itching.

 Therefore, you should look for a reputable aesthetic clinics which must be done by experienced, qualified and trained plastic surgeons in order to ensure safety and achieve best results.

The difference between BOTOX BROWLIFT and BROWLIFT SURGERY

What is the difference between botox browlift and browlift surgery? / ph: pexels

2. When should do a botox browlift?

 - The cases of botox browlift are prescribed by the doctor in case the eyebrow area has not appeared many signs of aging, the eyebrows are sagging at a mild level, need little improvement, have a desire to inject botox browlift to help eyebrows slightly taller and beautiful as desired.

- In the case that the eyebrows are not much aging, the elasticity of the skin layer is poor, the muscles of the aging eyebrow area cause sagging, causing loss of aesthetics, experts recommend choosing surgical intervention.  

3. The difference between botox browlift and browlift surgery

The botox browlift: The doctor will use a specialized needle to put the botox into the eyebrow area to edit, fill to help raise the eyebrows naturally, more balanced with facial contours.  

Implementation time only takes about 5-10 minutes.  After that, you can leave immediately without wasting time.  Immediately after the procedure, you can see that the eyebrow height has been naturally raised as if it had never been under the influence of aesthetic technology.

 A botox browlift only works to improve soft tissue, but completely cannot regenerate, shape eyebrows like a surgical method, effective only for a short time.

The browlift surgery: The doctor will perform anesthesia then incision a small line in the enamel close to the eyebrow, then intervene to remove the excess skin, sagging, stretch the skin and stitch the eyebrows fixed at the appropriate position  balance and harmony height.  

The browlift surgery takes about 40-60 minutes, recovery time lasts 5-7 days (depending on the each person adaptability), you can leave during the day without losing any resting time.

Because browlift surgery will intervene to handle all excess and aging skin that helps correct all sagging eyebrows to bring comprehensive beautiful results, higher eyebrows, clearer eyelids, the face will become permanently younger.

 Each method has its own advantages, so depending on the needs as well as the condition of each person, the doctor will advise to choose an appropriate and effective browlift method.  

From the in-depth analysis, the doctor will advise whether to do a botox browlift or need a browlift surgery.

The difference between BOTOX BROWLIFT and BROWLIFT SURGERY

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