The Changing Of Male Beauty Standards

Male beauty standards have undergone a cultural change lately. What is its expression?

Not long ago, men's grooming products were limited to shaving creams, a splash of aftershave and some deodorants, possibly, hair gel was thrown into the mix. But, it is the past. Male beauty standards have undergone a cultural change in the past few years.

Male grooming is currently thriving / Ph. Milk Makeup

Amazing development speed

In the West, this movement was originally motivated by the millennia and is now underpinned by Z-generation men.

Across East Asia, male grooming is currently thriving with brands such as ASOS and Milk Makeup leading the way. In Korea, grooming mode for many men now includes eyebrow pencils and skin care products.

In Korea, makeup has become male beauty standards. In Seoul, having smaller eyebrows or being trimmed means that not only do you not care about yourself, but it may also suggest you are a lazy person.

According to Euromonitor, the future for Korean men are still considered active when many players enter the market, although it is currently slowing down. At the forefront of this growing market are thousand-year-old men who are promoting sales and spending twice as much per capita for their skin care than anywhere in the world, using on average 13,3 cosmetics per month.

The changing cultural attitude towards male beauty is not limited to Korea, and in fact, has gained momentum in other Asian countries. Chinese young men between the ages of 18 and 26 have an increasingly high disposable income and become a driving force behind the male beauty market. Young men are building skin care habits from an early age, often starting from high school by using facial cleansing products and then, when they get older, their habits become more complicated. By the time they entered college or the workforce, the idea of using different types of products in their skincare process had become the norm.

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