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The best herbs for cancer treatment

March 23, 2020

Check out the list of medicinal plants used in cancer treatment. It will be useful for you!

A variety of herbs can be used as medicinal plants for cancer treatment. They are one of the most successful alternative cancer treatments that patients must try.


#1: Scutellaria barbata


Scutellaria barbata has been used for cancer treatments


S. barbata is a common herb that you can find in Korea, southern China and Vietnam. Along with other herbs, it is used to treat bacterial infections, hepatitis, and tumors. In addition, studies have shown that S. barbata is one of medicinal plants used in cancer treatment. It can limit the growth of cancer cells. Especially, people use it as herbal cure for cancer stage 4. However, we need more studies on this. According to another test, Scutellaria barbata extract showed better antibacterial effect than most other herbs. If you are looking for a plant that kills cancer cells, Scutellaria barbata is the one.

#2: Hedyotis diffusa Willd (HDW)


HDW is one of medical herbs for treating cancer. You can easily find this herb in Asia. It is traditionally used for detoxification, heat-clearing and promoting blood circulation.

HDW is also used as an important component to treat various types of cancer. Studies have shown that HDW has the ability to inhibit colon cancer growth in vivo and in vitro because it can promote apoptosis of cancer cells, inhibit proliferation, tumor angiogenesis and MDR reversal.


#3: Celastrus hindsii


Celastrus hindsii has anticancer and antitumor properties


Celastrus hindsii can be found in South America, China and north Vietnam. It is used as a traditional medicine to treat inflammation. It also has anticancer and antitumor properties.

People also use extracts of this plant to defend against insects. In addition, it contains some important compounds that are able to exhibit potent cytotoxicity against cancer cell lines, as well as anti-HIV replication activity. Not only is Celastrus hindsii one of the herbs for cancer treatment, but it is also used as treatments of various diseases and illnesses.

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