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Teenager Plastic Surgery Insight – What You Need To Know

April 02, 2020

Teenager boys and girls always feel compelled to look great, but social media, where teenagers are bombarded by celebrity images of their idealized beauty and style, has now increased up their pressure. As a result, teenagers feel it is compulsory to look great, 24/7, and they know ways to change their looks more drastic than makeup. Read on this teenager plastic surgery insight to know more about the effect of cosmetic surgery on teenagers.


Teenager Plastic Surgery Insight – What You Need To Know


1. What Is Teenager Plastic Surgery?


Over the past decade, cosmetic procedures, minimally invasive procedures like facial fillers and wrinkle-softening botox injections, have become normalized that plenty of teenagers know somebody who has done. According to a research about plastic surgery, teenager girls, who are concerning about the same media as adult women, have a similar interest in plastic surgery.


2. The Effect Of Social Media


What these teenager girls really notice is the speculation around if celebrities have changed their looks, and sometimes, when they admit to perform a little plastic surgery, their suspicions will be confirmed. So, they should be thinking about plastic surgery too. Some of the teenager girls interviewed were making plans to perform a cosmetic procedure in the future.


What increases awareness among teens of plastic surgery


– Online news channel that features celebrities

– Magazines, especially celebrity gossip stories

– Twitter and Instagram where celebrities tag their surgeons

– Advertising

– Reality shows

– Word of mouth from people who have done


3. How To Help Teenagers Deal With The Pressure


What can be done to help teens deal with the pressure, aside from stimulating them not to compare their looks to others’ looks and calling for a ban on performing plastic surgery under the age of 18. It is necessary to encourage girls’ self-confidence so that they do not need to fit some template of beauty. It is really a mission to help the next generation have the positive view with the way they look. Besides, there is a need to have sensible online advice for teachers, parents and mentors.


 4. Teenage Patient’s Concerns


The exploration of each teenager’s concerns should take some time

– To know what the patient wants

– To learn what teenager plastic surgery may offer


Besides, not rushing to make a decision to do plastic surgery, a better understanding can change their mind. Important factors are:

– What part of their body is involved

– Different parts of the body grow at different ages

– Degree of the deformity or problem

– Emotional maturity

– Age of social interaction

– Realistic goals


Some teenagers find something wrong, but they do not know why they have problems. Other teenagers have an idea, but they do not know how to persuade their parents. Parents have the social and legal responsibility for decisions making for their children.

Actually, it is normal for teenagers to have concerns about their looks as their bodies are growing so much and they are trying to define themselves as adults. Accepting your look is a part of maturing, and in case their imperfections are taken care with the help of a knife, teenagers may not be learning how to love their natural appearance. After reading this teenager plastic surgery insight, if you have any idea about this topic, share your thoughts with other readers by leaving your comment below.

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