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Teenage beauty standards

April 22, 2020

Being beautiful is what not only teens but also every people wants. For a teen, being beautiful can help them to boost their self-confidence and to be more attractive. If your child is a teen or if you are a teen, it is necessary to know about teenage beauty tips.


Beauty standards for teen


Teenage beauty standards are influenced by many factors / Ph: Clinique


Actually, teenage beauty standards are not something stable. They are flexible and are greatly influenced by these four factors: society, civilizations, cultures and time period. When it comes to teen beauty standards, it is necessary to evaluate these four factors and how each factor can impact teen beauty standards.


About clothes


Moreover, what is perceived as “beautiful” for teens is also influenced by pop cultures, media and social network. They are important factors which have the most significant influence over teen beauty standards and teenage beauty treatments. Our society seems to put value on what famous people wear and use. What they wear often is perceived as “cool”, “beautiful”, “perfect”. Their beauty tips become teenage beauty tips as most of the teen are following.

For instance, the clothing items that Taylor Swift wears always are the teen’s pick. She often wears the normal but fashionable items, mainly by how she mix them: jeans, jackets, footwear, skirts,…These fashion items are just normal that every teen can own; thus, they can feel connected with the famous stars and feel secure in what they wear. 

In South Korea, the nation of Hallyu which has significant influence not only in Asia but also all over the world, teens are showing their interest in following their idols and famous stars. The items that some famous people, such as BIGBANG G-Dragon, BLACKPINK Lisa, BLACKPINK Jennie, Kang Daniel, Suzy, BTS,…wear soonly are sold out. Thus, these idols are called “Sold Out Stars”.


The standard weight


Asian girls consider thinness as a beauty standard / Ph: pinterest


The teen beauty standard of weight which is widely accepted by most teen is thinness. Being thinner is considered to be more attractive, especially among teen girls. This kind of teen beauty standards is most popular in Asia. Asian teens are trying to make them as thinnest as possible. They do exercises and go to the gym to lose weight. Negatively, many teens even quit their meals, use weight-losing products and undergo teenage beauty treatments to lose weight. Many teens even take losing weight as teenage beauty competitions.

The young girls are at the age of body development and they need more food, nutrients and energy than others, applying extremely hard exercise or lack-of-nutrient diet will cause serious harms to them.

Not like the young girls in Asia, the girls in other countries go easy on what is called standard weight. They think that everyone should have a healthy and physically fit body, instead of being too thin. It is much more reasonable than attempting to have a thinner body by aggressive methods.


What about your skin?


All teens want smooth skin


Of course, healthy and smooth skin is what all teens want. This is the reason for the strict teenage skin care routine, especially in Korea, where the ten-skincare-step is born. It seems that nowadays, there is increasing support in racial diversity among teens. It means that teens start seeing the beauty in different skin colours. You are born with your skin, so there is no reason why you cannot be proud of it.

Some Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, China, on the other hand, still prefer the white skin. Teens in these countries are trying to keep their skin as white as possible. They are desperate to look for a whitening method as well as teenage beauty products aiming at the white skin.

These are just some of the teen beauty standards that have a great influence on many teens. There are much more beauty standards set by a particular teen. Some teens think that straight hair is beautiful; whereas, others like curly hair more. It depends.


Beauty secrets for teens


Taking care of yourself and following some teenager beauty tips are the key to your teen’s beauty. Here are some useful teenage beauty tips that teens should keep in their mind.


You may regret if you do not know these good secrets


Ageing signs will appear sooner if you do not take care of your skin / Ph: Clinique


Taking care of your beauty is the investment that you need to do no matter age you are at. If you do not care about your skin and your body from when you are a young boy or a young girl, you will have to endure the consequences when you get older. These consequences include ageing signs to appear sooner than others, acne, wrinkles, sunburnt skin, shaggy body,…

Many people are willing to spend time watching Youtube beauty vloggers but do not want to read professional beauty magazines to get beauty advice. Teens do too. Teens spend a lot of time to watch different teenage skin care tips by different beauty gurus on Youtube and then they spend their time to consider what beauty tips they should follow from the thousands of beauty tips.

Hardy do teens know that many of these Youtube beauty gurus receive money from beauty companies to introduce their beauty products. Sometimes, they even do not know whether a beauty product is good or not. They just introduce it because they are paid to do so. This can be very dangerous for teens if they follow these beauty tips without carefully considering. 

Moreover, there is one thing that teens have to remember: everyone has their niche. It means that your skin, your face, your hair and your body are different from others. These teenage beauty products can go with some people, but it does not mean that they can go with you. If you still follow the beauty tips or use the teenage beauty products that are not suitable, you have to endure serious health risks. Again, it is necessary to know what is best for you. 


Useful beauty tips for teen


How to get curly hair naturally?


If your hair is a little bit curly and you want it to be more curly, using natural beauty methods, there are many ways for you to get that. Firstly, you can cut some socks in half length-wise to rag roll your hair. If your hair is thick, it will require a lot of rags. You can make some rags using your old socks and roll your hair. They are convenient and effective while still money-saving.


Scrunch your hair to make it curly


Moreover, one of the natural beauty methods is to scrunch your hair. You use your fingers to squeeze from the end to the root of your hair to make it be more curly. You should use this squish to condish method in all steps of your daily hair routine: conditioning, styling and drying. You should let your hair partially dry, add styling product and scrunch it.

Using curling wands is a way to have a wavy hair but it will expose your hair to extremely high heat, which then makes your hair less curly and leads to shapeless hair. What about pin curls? You must have heard about it. Here is how you can use pin curls for your curly hair. After washing your hair, let it partially dry, twist it into a little bun and use bobby pins to keep it. Then, you should wait about 10 minutes so that your hair will dry before removing the pins.

Just play up our lips or your eyes


Have you ever seen anyone who wears both heavy makeup and heavy lip? Do you feel that it is too much and their face is weird? When it comes to makeup for teenagers, the rule you have to remember is either your lips or your eyes and never try to highlight both of them. For instance, when you wearing a smokey eye, nude lips will be more suitable. If you want to try dark lipstick, keep your face and your eyeshadow light. Don’t try to put on heavy makeup and heavy lips because they will make teens look older than their age.

Go to a dermatologist to treat acne


When teens have to suffer from acne, some of them often look for teenage skin care brands, try to find a way to treat acne themselves instead of finding a good dermatologist. Spending your money, go to a dermatologist and clear up these pimples are the things that teens should do. Some people say that these pimples are caused by the hormonal changes in a teen’s body and that having pimples is normal for a teen. However, if you are suffering from these things, it is best to ask a doctor for help.

If your acne is terrible, of course, you need to go to the doctor. Do not try to treat these pimples yourself at home as you can make it more terrible. A doctor can help you to best control this situation. Moreover, he can give advice on teen makeup tutorial if you have to make up for special occasions. The best advice is that when you have a problem with pimples, makeup for teenagers should be as less as possible.

In addition, if you notice ance scars in your face, you have to ask a doctor for help. As you are not a professional, you do not know how to treat these scars. A dermatologist will help to treat both acne and scars in the most effective way. In case the pimples start to appear after you take some kinds of drug, or that you have received several teenage beauty treatments but the situation is still bad, you need to go to a dermatologist.

Spend your money in the right beauty products


As you are still a teen, spending too much money on expensive teenage beauty brands is not necessary. In fact, there are some kinds of teenage skin care products that you do not have to invest too much money on: cleanses, makeup removers and polish removers,…You do not need to buy a $40 cleanser just because it is from famous beauty brands. Even if your parents are rich, remember, as a teen, you need to learn how to spend the money right. These teenage beauty products just touch your face about 1 or 2 minutes a day and it will be a waste to spend too much on them.


Do not need to buy expensive teenage beauty products/ Ph: Clinique


Instead of wasting money on these unnecessary teenage beauty products, you should spend less on them to have more money on moisturizer, masks and rose water,…Investing in teenage beauty products which are in your skin for long, for instance, moisturizer, is the right investment that you should do.


Test cosmetics before buying


When you buy some teenage beauty products, for example, mascara, eyeliner and basic eyeshadows,…there is no need to test as these teenage beauty products are often dark and they do not have a great influence on your skin tone. Other teenage beauty products such as lipstick, foundation, blush and powder, on the other hand, are the must-try products. Remember to try them at the department store to determine whether they are suitable for your skin tone.

Teens also should not listen to other’s advice when buying these kinds of teenage beauty products. Different people have different skin tone. And this lipstick colour can go well with your friend’s skin but it does not mean that it can go well with you. Worse, the wrong colour can make you look weird and older.


Daily skincare: sunscreen


Sunscreen is one of teenage beauty products that you need to apply daily. Even when you do not see the sunlight or even if it is rainy outside. This is because the UV rays can penetrate the clouds, get directly to your skin and impact badly on it. Wearing sunscreen will help to reduce the risk of skin cancer, which is the most common form of cancer in America. Moreover, sunscreen helps to avoid ultraviolet exposure, thus it slows down the ageing signs in our face such as wrinkles. It also keeps your skin even and protects you from sunburn.

Here we provide useful information about teen beauty standards as well as teenager beauty tips. Being beautiful is what everyone needs, not only teens. However, for a teen, being beautiful and attractive will make them feel more confident in themselves. Therefore, they can raise their voice and opinion and contribute more to social activities. Keeping to follow Vuhes daily for more latest news about teen’s beauty and teenage lifestyle.

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