Vegan Dim Sum restaurant opens in Toronto
A vegetarian restaurant called Planta Queen has just opened in Toronto. The food here is inspired by plants in Asia. In here, both people in Toronto and tourists will enjoy unique vegan dishes that were created based on plants.
Virgin Atlantic In-Flight Meals: An interesting Airplane Dining Experiences
Reimagined airplane dining experiences have never brought such satisfaction. What is this service?
Wellness cuisine experience for travellers
Recently, Singapore Airlines has collaborated with Singapore-based wellness brand named COMO Shambhala in order to enhance the wellness cuisine experience for travellers.
Can food become medicine?
In fact, many foods are able to prevent many chronic diseases that we encounter today. Thus, it can hardly be denied that if we have a reasonable diet with a list of nutritious foods, daily food can become a medicine for us.
Check Out The Latest Five Diet Trends That Will Work For You
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