Taking care of your skin with the new skin analysis beauty device

To take care of your skin more effectively, you have to understand your skin. And to manufacture the best products for skincare, beauty brands need to have acknowledge clearly about skin to invent formula that good for skin.

To do this, they need to analyze, make experience or test products in many times. Recently one of new devices that is used to analyze skin is introduced. This promises to bring more effect for skincare.

Device analyzes skin that helps you to take care of your skin more effectively

Handheld Skin Quality Optical Coherence Tomography or HSQ –OCT is introduced by Industrial Technology Research Institute. Purpose of this invention is to improve skincare. This device’s function is analyzing skin. HSQ-OCT is lightweight and you can operate it with only one hand. Besides that, this device is designed with anti-shake technology, so users don’t have difficulty in using it. This invention is known as the first handheld device with optical coherence tomography.

Handheld Skin Quality Optical Coherence Tomography/ Ph: itri

It provides analysis about skin structure and quality. They are noninvasive analysis. Some factors related to skin quality that analyzed by this devices are pore size, dermal thickness, collage density, number of blood vessels. These are considered as biological parameters when you make skin quality’s tests. Based on these analysis, cosmetic validation is specified.

This beauty technology makes it possible to conduct automatic and objective evaluation of skin quality

Thanks for this beauty device, cosmetic experiments are higher efficiency. Beauty brands don’t need to spend so much time and effort to develop new formula because they better understand skin situation. It also means that cost for skincare products will be reduced.

Because of these outstanding features for improving skincare, this beauty device became one of finalist in the 2018 R&D 100 awards. And this invention is ready to be in use for any beauty brand to have more wonderful products for skincare.

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