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Take advantage of celebrity trends to win aesthetics clients

May 02, 2020

In aesthetics, sometimes seems to have a contradiction – on the one hand, the medical, moral approach that many of us try to represent in businesses, and on the other hand the frivolous fads elements, extreme and often celebrity-driven to flood Instagram feeds.



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Celebrity culture and current media affect many trends 


While celebrity trends come and go, they can provide highly effective marketing opportunities


There is no denying that thanks to social media, we are now firmly in the era of social-oriented medicine, where public awareness and communication about our industry are locked in a symbiotic cycle. One person feeds and driving the other. Like it or not, celebrity culture and current media affect many trends (and patient needs) seen in today’s cosmetology practice.

Previously, cosmetic surgery only belonged to the kingdoms of Hollywood and was often secret or considered only for the wealthy, making those who underwent treatment separate from the crowd. Today, a major change in minimally invasive products and processes has allowed cosmetic interventions to be within the reach of a middle-class person with the desired outcome to turn to a good view. We still have influential people with celebrities, but now are more likely to become social media stars.

Today’s beauty trend is influenced by selfie, Instagram, Snapchat. Practitioners face a double-edged sword when jumping into a trend bandwagon. Combining a strategy-oriented treatment or offering into your clinic and marketing can help you take advantage of the existing patients attention. This can be effectively put into reservations, brand awareness, and PR opportunities.

Trending marketing is about identifying and monitoring celebrities who will attract the demographics of your clinic. Take some time to check your clients overall age profile and the most requested processes in your clinic before creating a short list of celebrities that can attract that demographic.

When you know the kind of celebrities that will attract your patients, you can start tracking social and online sources of news and ideas related to these specific individuals. You have to find out their beauty secrets – those that can create a trend to attract customers.

The trouble with these trends is that they often come and go fast, so your marketing must be agile to take advantage of short-term opportunities. In addition, if you can quickly and effectively locate yourself as the first to apply the latest trend-based aesthetics treatment, you can be a first person or only person to join the bandwagon.

Be quick and cautious to take the right steps and do not forget to comeback Vuhes daily for more success tips in beauty and aesthetic business.

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