Stockholm - a rich cultural history & beautiful city

Sweden’s capital city spreads out over 14 islands in Lake Mälaren and looks out proudly to the Baltic Sea to the east. Her grand public buildings, palaces, rich cultural history and museums tell her 700 year-old history beautifully.

Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the Old Town (Gamla Stan); expect and get cobblestone streets, crooked but beautifully preserved buildings, the Royal Palace, gothic churches and excellent cafés, bars, restaurants and Swedish design-ware shops. Take our advice and get a hit of caffeine at one of Stockholm’s many fine cafés before trawling the boutiques, shops and stores of upscale Swedish and international design boutiques of Östermalm, and independent Swedish labels, vintage and retro shops and boutiques of Södermalm. 

Just 20 minutes away from Stockholm a world of 30 000 islands begins.

The Stockholm archipelago is brimming with culture and history. From Viking graves to the Great Power Era's maritime history, fortresses and Cold War's coastal artillery batteries. Famous artists and authors like Evert Taube, August Strindberg, Anders Zorn, Albert Engström and Bruno Liljefors have found inspiration here for many of their best works. Not only the art galleries and museums show paintings, many of the archipelago churches are richly decorated with frescoes on ceilings and walls. Welcome to enjoy the cultural heritage and all the sights connected to it!

Gustavsbergs Porslinsmuseum

Here you can see the classics created by the factory's famous designers, such as Wilhelm Kåges "Pyro", Stig Lindberg's "Arbour", Karin Björquists Nobel and Lisa Larson lovable little figures, but also many familiar patterns of the more anonymous nature, where "Blue Flower" and "Folk art" is among the most famous.
Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum also displays temporary exhibitions of varying scope, nature and content. Emphasis is placed on various aspects of porcelain and ceramics - in local, regional and international perspective - but may also involve industrial, archipelago, or anything that is exciting and relevant!


Hand Painting is by far the oldest method of decorating porcelain. Try yourself to paint here in our painting hall, with genuine porcelain colors on a mug or plate. Porcelain suit everyone, both children and adults. You can also let the newborn baby making a footprint on a plate.
Take the commuter train from Stockholm Central Station straight out to the archipelago and the open horizon at the fishing harbour in Nynäshamn. Since the Stone Age, people here have delighted in the countryside and outer archipelago with its 2,000 islands. One of Sweden's best surfing beaches are found here but also an interesting cultural history with rune stones from Viking times, churches from the 1100s, Sweden's oldest lighthouse, and military facilities from the Cold War. In recent years, Nynäshamn has made its mark in the culinary world. Try the locally produced beer, smoked fish, chocolate, honey and sausage. Enjoy them at any of the hotels, cafés and restaurants or take them back home with you. If you wish to go all the way out into the archipelago, take the boat to Öja-Landsort. In addition to its lighthouse, shop, restaurant, tours and art exhibitions, there is also exciting nature and charming accommodation such as the pilot tower with B&B.

Nacka is Stockholm's closest archipelago where big city crosses over to island life. Thanks to Nacka’s proximity to Stockholm, you can get there easily by bus, car, bike, train and boat. You'll find plenty of cozy restaurants, fine accommodations and a wide range of activities. One suggestion is to take the public transport boat "Sjövägen" from Nybrokajen in Stockholm to Nacka for a visit to one of the restaurants along the dockside. In Nacka, you can also experience the great outdoors in one of its 12 nature reserves of varying sizes. If you want to swim, there are several public bathing areas. You can also go fishing at Nacka Strand and visit "HAMN", Sweden's first battlefield museum, in Fisksätra.


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