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Stem cells in the beauty and aesthetic industry

January 27, 2020

The beauty and aesthetic industry has made great strides in the past 10 years. What you see or read in the news is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of research going on developing these technologies. An aspect of the beauty and aesthetic industry is the stem cell.

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Stem cell and its cost

Stem cells are special cells in our body. Stem cells are building blocks that can replicate other types of cells, such as blood cells, heart, muscles, blood vessels, and cartilage. With this outstanding feature, stem cells provide anti-aging effects and rejuvenate the skin by producing essential components: Collagen, Fibronectin, Hyaluronic Acid and some vitamins. Each day, our stem cells repair the tissues in our body, but as we age, the number of stem cells and their uses decreases.

Stem cells have been used for decades to regenerate healthy blood and create immune cells in cancer patients by transplanting it into the patients body. There are several different types of stem cells that have been discovered. They exist in umbilical cord blood and fat tissue.

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Today, physicians use stem cell fluently in a new field of medicine called regenerative medicine. It develops new cartilage in the knees, regenerates the heart muscle after a heart attack, and even makes new trachea and bladder for the sick or injured.
According to the National Institutes of Health, the United States is spending nearly $1 billion a year on stem cell research. And so far, these expenses have given excellent results. These are surprising findings that have begun to revolutionize the medical field.

Stem cell with beauty and aesthetic treatments

Using the results of stem cell research and all its positive benefits, the cosmetic industry has also begun to change. Because fat is one of the most significant sources of adult stem cells in the human body, we have used stem cells for years as a natural, soft tissue filler in many different processes including breasts, buttocks, and lips.
Stem cells can be grown from human fat tissue and can be stored in stem cell banks for future beauty and aesthetic treatments. The cosmetic industry widely uses human fat tissue as a filler, helping to remove scars and any visible defects on the skin. Procedures such as liposuction help large amounts of fat tissue to be harvested and stem cells can be grown from them.
Two types of stem cells used in beauty and aesthetic treatments are:
– The amount of cells taken from the body and transplanted to the same person
– The products are manufactured from many countries. These products usually come in two forms:
1. Solutions containing cell-nourishing substances: These solutions have the effect of nourishing healthy cells in the body, stimulating the activity of stored organs to make them rejuvenated and fresh.
2. Solutions containing stem cells: They provide stem cells directly to the necessary organs, enable them to quickly grow to replace the mass offset or increase the stem cell mass required to address the lack of cells there such as pitted scars, breast augmentation…

The main therapeutic effects of stem cells

– Slow down the aging process of the skin
– Brighten, smooth skin, tighten pores, reduce oily
– Improves acne scars
– Treatment of skin pigmentation
– Acne treatment

Stem cells in the beauty and aesthetic industry

As we all know, cosmetic ingredients come from a variety of sources, including biological, marine, herbal and synthetic sources. The effect of ingredients for a particular cosmetic application is through the effect of a single ingredient or a combination of several ingredients. The more consumers are knowledgeable about the uses of ingredients in each product the higher demand for its safety. That is why manufacturers are studying cosmetics containing stem cells.
Undoubtedly, stem cells are an exciting innovation that is showing promise in the medical field. Due to their regenerative nature, stem cell use has become more common in the skin care field. With so many aesthetic benefits of stem cell, the fact that the beauty industry is exploiting it is evident. The question is, “What can stem cells do to restore wrinkles, sagging and mottled skin?” According to Dior and other luxury beauty brands, stem cells can do a significant number of that.
Dior has partnered with Stanford University to build a proud new anti-aging line. It can protect vulnerable stem cells from harmful agents such as sun, pollution and other toxins. La Prairie has innovated a supposedly stem-cell repair cream by combining peptide – red grape stem cells and snow algae from Swiss.
CALECIM Professional is the latest stem cell product to reach the UK skincare market. Launched at the 2018 Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition (ACE), three new products were constructed using stem cells which were harmlessly harvested from the umbilical cord of New Zealands red deer. The Singapore-based biotechnology company claims that this is the first time umbilical cord stem cells have been used in on-site skin care to promote skin health. This kit includes:
1. CALECIM Professional Serum: It boosts the natural regeneration of the skin, improves aesthetic results, reduces redness, swelling and discomfort immediately after use and significantly reduces the time.
2. CALECIM Multi-Action Cream: It actively targets the signs of aging such as drooping skin which leads to a lack of sharp facial features as well as reduced skin smoothness. It works to smooth the deep wrinkles on the face. Moreover, it also brightens the skin color.
3. CALECIM restorative Hydration Cream: It helps restore dry, tired and stressed skin. As a result, the skin is as bright as expected.

Negative aspect

However, the use of stem cells is also controversial. The use of embryos for research purposes is a matter of concern. Some skin care companies use human stem cells, which come from adults, not the embryos. On the other hand, most of the products on the market contain plant stem cells.
It is important to note that stem cell science is still in its infancy, and not all skin types can successfully use it.
Without a doubt, stem cells are the golden key for biotechnology and beauty and aesthetic industry in the future. If you are not concerned about the current level of stem cell research. Try and feel it. Maybe you will find beauty products that make you satisfied.
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