Spiritual values in treatment for cancer patients

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  • 1- Spiritual values in treatment for cancer patients are real
  • 2- Spiritual values in mental injury approach
  • Spiritual values in mental injury approach / ph: pexels
  •  3- What is spirituality?
  • 4- Mental healing through spiritual ways
  • 5- Spiritual values in treatment for cancer patients

1- Spiritual values in treatment for cancer patients are real

Human is a unity of body and spirit.

 An illness can cause both physical and emotional harm.

 The long-term physician will see many different moods occurring on the patient: happy, sad, calm, optimistic, disappointed, hopeless ...

 For a long time, people have noticed the emotional damage manifested by changing moods, the most severe being the depressed and painful mood.  The relationship of mood (ie emotional trauma) with illness is also mentioned.

 There is a school that thinks that illness causes physical damage that alters mood, most obviously causing damage to the brain that causes mood swings.  However, sometimes physical damage is not necessarily mentally damaging, but the meaning of the disease actually causes it.  For example, there are cases of undiagnosed large tumor that people are still awake, but tiny cancer diagnoses that a patient is hearing the news that he is normally able to fall.  Treatable and treatable diseases are less traumatic than incurable diseases.
 There is another school that holds that all the physical damage of disease stems from a mental disorder - a change in mood.  In terminally ill diseases such as cancer, the influence of the patient's mood on the disease progression, the results of treatment is very clear, very important.  But what to say, while it is not yet clear whether the mental or physical damage in a disease, which is the cause, which is the effect, the treatment still has to deal with concurrent settlement.  both of those hurt aspects.  The mental trauma of the terminal illness is very serious and is extremely difficult to treat.  Mental damage can be caused not because of illness, but because of disturbances in family and social life.  Many cases of physical or physiological injury are very rare, but severe psychological damage has no cure, sometimes causing people to end their lives.

2- Spiritual values in mental injury approach

Spiritual values in treatment for cancer patients

Spiritual values in mental injury approach / ph: pexels

Most originally, people improved the mood of a traumatized person - that is, in a bad mood - with superstitious methods.  They invoke the protection of God (God), Buddha, the ancestral spirit of the mountains and rivers;  magic magic to eliminate evil to eliminate in mind all the obsessions about disasters, bad luck.  In cancer patients, the improvement of mood through superstition only works for a short time, because the disease will continue to progress, making people see the ceremony of pleading, throwing spells out quickly.  The patient quickly falls into despair and then despair.
 Second, the department of psychology in medicine was born.  Psychology studies the factors that influence a patient's mood: illness, environment (family, society, landscape and living conditions, doctor, nursing) and mood that influence diseases such as  how.  Psychological treatment is a way to adjust the related factors that make up the patient's mood: standards of family communication, society, doctors, nurses ... for the patient, optimally influencing the patient's mind.  treatment from patient service facilities (rooms, beds, dishes, food and drinks ...), counseling to relieve the patient's negative thoughts, coordinate with pathological treatment, to  bring the patient back to normal mood.  Better yet, it is to bring the patient a positive mood.

 However, for terminal illnesses like cancer, psychological treatment often has little effect.  This is due to cancer patients' pessimism, depression, and despair stemming from the lethal threat of the disease they are carrying, and the psychologist's inability to erase the obsession.  that threat.  That state of mind only ceases when people have BELIEVINED over the disease, which is the cause of spiritual treatment.

 3- What is spirituality?

All the factors that influence human mood that psychology point out, are foreign factors, acting as conditions or stimulants to disturb mood.  It is thought that in the human spiritual part there is the most core, quintessential, so it is the holiest place.  From this sacred core, thoughts, reason, emotions, morality, thoughts, moods, beliefs, human character are born.  This sacred core spirit is in the theology called the soul, in atheism (Buddhism) and in science called spirituality.  Soul and spirituality are two different concepts with the same meaning - the most sacred part of the spirit, the birthplace of all mental phenomena and manifestations.

 However, they also have many differences.

 In theism (such as Christianity, Islam) there is a strong belief in the concept that: God molded the human body and breathed his breath into it, that breath made the body alive and well.  perception has creation, that breath is the soul.  The soul is the breath of god so the holiest, eternal.  When the body falls apart, the soul is released, facing God's judgment.  Souls of a pious sheep who believe in obedience and do God's will will go to heaven, while sin goes to hell.  So the Soul is spiritual because it is part of God.  In theism, speaking to the end of spirituality is speaking of God.
 In Buddhism, the concept of mind is presented in Jizō by a metaphorical story, very logical, very profound.  If you want to understand, you have to study the basic Buddhist concepts. If you do not understand, non-Buddhists will never understand.  The Buddha likened the mind to a thick layer of soil (Earth) containing all the elements (Tibet) in the mental field such as the seeds (seed) of quality, instinct, reason, memory, karma ...  human.  Her grandparents used to say "Geocentric" is that.

 Spirituality is the inner journey of man, which means that Spirituality is an abstract development and not an abstract entity in the spiritual realm (abstract human body).  Everything is created by the mind and not by any God - there is absolutely no God, says Buddhism.

 To control emotional reason ... to control the whole spirit of the human being, use techniques of mind control - the spiritual journey of Buddhism.  The followers of Buddhism have a deep belief in the Buddha's teachings, they believe that it is the truth, and practicing according to the Buddha's teachings will bring many benefits to their lives.  The Buddha makes people believe in themselves by saying that people practice their teachings will see great results, true Buddhists believe in Buddha through verification, not blind faith.

 That's it!  Intricate cross that!  One side believes in God, the other side believes Buddha's words.  Two different spiritual concepts are said on the one hand, the spirit is the soul, the other says the spirit is not the soul.  How can spiritual treatment be of a different nature to achieve the same goal of bringing the disturbed mood to a peaceful state?
 First of all, I became a Buddhist. As a Buddhist, I studied the scriptures and discussed with the teachers, so the Buddhist teachings I find are very scientific, bright and easy to understand.  Also found Christianity ridiculous.  But then there are many Taoist patients, even the saints or the Father are also my patients.  Through conversations and attending church services, I discovered that the two religions have different doctrines and religious rituals but the same goal is to guide people to live properly in the present life, to liberate  human suffering from suffering - trauma treatment.

4- Mental healing through spiritual ways

 After a long contemplation of Philosophy, Religion, and Practical Experience, I have come to understand why Buddhism and Christianity look different and why there are two concepts of Divine Spirit and Inner Journey.  .

 This insight is not only very interesting, but also helps to understand these spiritual definitions, thereby healing mental damage through spiritual ways, not only through psychology.  We all know, treating atheists for emotional damage cannot enter through a spiritual path that contains the spirit of God.
 Here is a summary of the above explanation (all interesting, very unfortunate stories must be removed).

 A human being, when he is born, has no sense of anything - only instinct, the first 1-2 years of life, is like a blank sheet of paper.  About 2 years old, she stood in front of a mirror and stumbled upon her own shadow, curious and interesting.  From then on, the baby will have an awareness of himself and his surroundings.  The greater the awareness of the human person, the deeper awareness of the individual and the common becomes.  People from curiosity to need and then desire to answer questions:

 Who am I (the ego)?
 Where did I and this world come from (source)?
 Why did I come to this world?
 What is the meaning and value of our life?
 What is death and why must we die?  and what will be after death?
 The simplest and earliest answer in human history is God and his wills.  Many philosophers believe that the concept of God is an abstract product of the creative thinking in people's heads.  This product in ancient Jews was an image of authority.  Those who are guilty will be punished by him, whoever has merit or goodness will be rewarded by him.  Jesus and the 12 apostles were religious revolutionaries.  They have upgraded their version of Mighty God to Love God.  The most fundamental point of Christianity is that Jesus taught mankind the ultimate law of the universe: Give something back, give it all, get it all, even more.  again.  Humans save themselves by believing and doing what God teaches.  By allowing his body to be nailed to a tree, God wants everyone to love others wholeheartedly.  When we love others so much that we give up our bodies and lives, love and happiness will overwhelm - like the love that God rewards.  It is such a beautiful image of God and of such great practical use!  It seems the pious lamb has a strong belief in God;  in fact that was the wisdom of the religious revolutionaries.  Through the image of God, they make people believe that Jesus absolutely hears and obeys God's teachings.

 If you study more deeply what God teaches, you will see the content similar to the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha.  Christianity and Buddhism are different in form, but nothing is contradictory.  In all religions, there are many religious people who do not understand the religion and do not live according to the religion, but they protect the religion very extreme and prove very dangerous.

 In the ancient Indian heaven, Buddha Shakyamuni was a religious revolutionary nearly 500 years ahead of Jesus Christ.  In the process of searching for answers to these questions, the Buddha discovered a meaningful crisis of theocratic concept.  Next is the discovery that human thinking and perception are the source of all manifestations of the mental world: Feelings, emotions, emotions, thoughts, morals, ideals, bravery, manners.  , action ...
 Thought and perception is the most sacred thing, an abstract development, not an entity.  Therefore spirituality in Buddhism is thought-perception, an inner journey.  Because the Buddha understood that in order to control the human spirit, it must be adjusted through the spiritual part, the Buddhist spiritual practice is the mind.  He built a system of theory to guide the practice of mind control, including an important and key content called the Eightfold Path.  Practicing this theory is called the step on the Buddhist path.  Therefore, Buddhists are proud to call Buddhism a spiritual science.

 In order to convey and disseminate his doctrine, the Buddha identified the main needs of mankind.  He discovered that the emotional trauma is manifested by emotions - helplessness of suffering is the most common, human life everyone meets, no one can cure in the human world.  But that suffering is actually the feeling arising from inner thinking - internal perception, external causes (illness, society) are just stimuli, not the main cause.  Therefore, the Buddha declared Buddhism as the way to be a means of eliminating suffering for each person and for all mankind.  Buddha likes to sing only specializing in the treatment of suffering - it sounds humble but is in fact a heavenly statement.

 Other major religions such as Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Confucianism, Shinto ... all have profound teachings and practical positive meanings for people following that religion.  People imbued with religion never stand in their own religion to disparage other religions.

 As a doctor who is closely related to cancer patients, especially end-stage patients, I feel the pain - emotional damage of the patient.  At the same time, he deeply understands the role and technique of treating mental injury through spiritual ways - referred to as spiritual treatment for short.  In addition, I have a medical secret to practice psychic treatment in very short periods of time.  Because the practice of spirituality by the Buddhist and Christian ways is a lifelong practice, only those with cancer (especially terminal cancer) who follow the religion will apply spiritual treatment in time and efficiency.

5- Spiritual values in treatment for cancer patients

 It is clear that the concept of spirituality is very close and has a religious inclination.  Religion and science are two different but not contradictory aspects. 

 Cancer sufferers are mentally traumatized, manifested by an unbelievably painful hopeless mood.  What does it mean to treat this suffering with spiritual ways?  Why help the patient get used to the concept of God or Internal Practice, then their suffering will be free - no hurt?  And how does the technique of approaching and adjusting the patient's spirit?  Those are questions that are not logically easy to answer.

 In life there are things that people call morality.  It means that the arguments about the way of life are recognized as correct, which must be followed by nothing to deny.  Living against morality, losing all the value of human meaning, then dying is much better.  The rational, morally living, they understand that death is not all lost - nothing left, but meaningful death;  the value of death is sometimes higher than life.

 True human beings who want to live, they try to be productive.  If for some reason to live helplessly useless, people want to die.
 Human's personal stance is built up from worldview and human worldview.  The stability of ideological stance - that is, the stubbornness of the bravery depends on perception and faith. Spiritual treatment is through the spiritual path to try to foster and strengthen awareness and faith about the worldview and the worldview of the religious person.  On the contrary, it is trying to perfect or build a positive worldview and a positive outlook on people without religion, to help them calm down in life as well as face cancer.

Hopefully this article will contribute to evoke a scientifically developed, organized spiritual treatment into a full-fledged specialty that works well with psychologists, true spiritual practitioners,  social activists.

Spiritual values in treatment for cancer patients

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