The age gaps to build long-lasting relationships
People often say that age does not a matter when choosing your partner, but tend to prejudice couples with wide age gaps. Does age difference have impacts on the longevity of your relationship?
Helpful questionnaires for your negative self- talk
There are so many things that can affect your feelings including your thoughts. American psychiatrist Aaron Beck advised people to train themselves to focus on self- talk, which is people’s self- criticism and fear of being judged.
4 steps to handle conflict in your relationship
How to resolve conflicts in relationships? Simply say sorry? Not enough. Try the 4 steps mentioned in this article.
Tips to make your partner fall in love again
Love is beautiful but also unpredictable. Normally people care each other the most when they first fall in love. Then, this tend to decrease from time to time.
How to calm down and stop doing things you regret
A great practice you can start using is mindfulness communication. Mindfulness practice will allow you to pay attention to what happens in your mind and body when anger is rising.