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Some herbs teas for your beauty and wellness

July 02, 2020

There is no denying the great effect of natural tea on beauty and health promotion. Below are some best natural tea for you to try.


Ginger tea is a kind of tea that can treat sore throat / ph: pexels


1- Green tea



There is no denying that green tea is the most common type of tea. In fact, green tea contains antioxidants, which help protect your body from pathogens like cancer. Moreover, green tea helps your skin eliminate toxins. Thanks to using it your skin is always fresh and smooth. Drink 1 cup of Lipton green teaChinese green tea or herbal green tea every day to enjoy the benefits that they bring to our bodies.


2- Ginger tea


Ginger tea is a kind of natural tea that can treat sore throat. You should use a little more lemon and honey along with it to increase the effectiveness. You can buy them at the store or make your own at home with the simple ingredients available. Ginger tea is good for health. They overcome the problems related to the digestive tract, flatulence, and stomach.

Ginger tea is also a herbal slimming tea – drink it is an effective way to lose weight because they stimulate the amount of fat that no longer accumulates inside the body.


3- Licorice tea



This natural tea flavor is quite interesting because they are soothing, sweet. It will help you reduce stress, fatigue.

It is true to say that licorice tea has the effect of promoting health, lowering cholesterol, detoxifying, protecting the liver, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, increasing the body’s resistance. However, one day you should only use a small cup of licorice tea.

All in all, benefits of natural tea for beauty and wellness are many.


4- Rooibos Tea


Art of Tea Organics


If you want a drink that is good for the body but can’t tolerate bland tea without sugar, try Rooibos herbal tea. This tea tastes sweet, refreshing and natural like a chestnut. While Rooibos does not have as many miraculous effects as other teas, it is good for bone health. Drink green Rooibos tea is good for your health.

Each tea has a beautiful display and a unique story of its own. Click here to buy the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals now!!

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