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Some advices for your “too busy” mind

February 11, 2020

We sometimes just are overloaded with our lives: working schedules, family, friends, personal lives,…If this situation lasts for long then it will harm both emotional and physical health. Here we list some wellness habits that you should follow to avoid this situation.

Choosing a suitable meditation position is important / Ph: Pexels@Valeria Ushakova


Best habits for your wellness mind

Choosing the right meditation position

When it comes to wellness mind, you will think about meditation with the lotus position. This is the most popular position but it does not mean that it suits you. According to psychologist Simon Rego, PsyD., we need to find what position that works for us. Maybe it is simply closing your eyes and sitting on the chair.

Deep breaths

Dr.Rego pointed out that taking a deep breath will give you a natural cadence, which can relax your busy mind and your body. To build a wellness mind, you clear your mind when breathing in deeply and blowing the air out. You can try diaphragmatic breaths if you find it hard to get into your breathing. This wellness habits can relax both your mind and your muscles.

Never judge yourself if you fail with meditation

To enjoy hygge lifestyle, you decide to meditate. However, things do not go right and your thoughts are wandering. Judging yourself is not a solution. In fact, according to Dr Graef, it just makes you be more anxious and the meditating efforts are gone. The thing to do now is focusing on your breath and stop holding onto the busy thoughts.

Meditation app may help

If your mind is too busy, the wellness tip is installing a meditation app to keep you focused. Meditation requires a particular level of cognition, which is sometimes distracting. And a meditation app will make you think about it instead of something else.

Meditate more often

Just like some other skills, you need to practice more to improve your meditating skills. As practice makes perfect, you will find it easier to accustom your minds with practice.

In our daily lives, our busy minds can be trouble. So if you are facing a similar problem, these wellness tips can help to enjoy a hygge lifestyle.

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