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Sleep under the stars – New experience that Celebrity Cruises brings passengers

May 07, 2019

Apart from camping, nowadays a lot of people choose “glamping” to experience a new, comfortable and luxurious way of relaxing. Recently, Celebrity Cruises, a famous cruise company has offered glamping for their adventurous passengers. In this experience, participants can sleep under the stars while aboard a cruise ship.

Wonderful experience on Celebrity Flora – A brand new luxury yacht of Celebrity Cruises

The first sunset-to-sunrise experience will take place in the Galapagos Islands’ one of the most luxurious accommodations. Celebrity Flora promises to bring a convenient, memorable and wonderful vacation for passengers. The special ship design will create the most honest feelings in which visitors are able to be truly immersed in the destination.    

Sleeping under the stars

Celebrity Cruises brings a lavish new glamping for passengers with a lot of differences. Actually, there are up to just four people experiencing the ship together. Two luxury and convenient cabanas are provided: one for enjoying fresco dining and the other for relaxing with a double bed.

Guests can sleep under the stars in a cabana on Celebrity Flora in the Galapagos / Ph: Traveller

The four guests can enjoy the exclusive campfire-themed dinner and cocktails in peaceful and statuesque views. During the experience, they will dine, drink and carry out a lot of interesting activities, even sleep under the stars and spectacular night sky. To make your vacation all-inclusive, a naturalist will highlight the stars under the constellations of both Southern and Northern Hemispheres. In the following morning when you wake up to the sunrise, a full bed-side breakfast will be served before you enjoy new daily island adventures.

Celebrity Flora provides extraordinary beauty of the island for passengers

Actually, Celebrity Flora was designed in a very special and unique way to bring passengers closer to the Galapagos Islands than ever before. If you would like to see one of the most spectacular views and experience relaxing moment with interesting activities, just come here and enjoy.



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