Skincare brands review: Top skincare products ranking

Top skincare brands & products ranking helps the women choose the reliable and effective skincare products.
Our skin is one of the most significant and delicate parts of the body. The women especially care for their skincare. They follow various ways to keep their face glowing. This is the reason why some skincare brands have been marketed so far. In order to help you choose the best and reliable skincare products, in this article, we will reveal the top 5 strongest skincare brands, so do not skip it!
Brand valuation firm Brand Finance released its ranking of the 50 top skincare brands, The ranking was determined on the basis of five-year revenue forecasts, brand strength measured by client loyalty and willingness to give a price premium, market share, royalty rates and current market value. 


1. Top Skincare Brands & Products - Olay


Olay is considered as the strongest skincare brand in the world. Olay highlights the importance of the loyalty of customer over generations. This is because consumers are loyal to this brand due to the trust factor, which is very important in beauty industry. Olay’s legacy brand has history and significance over generations, and customers are willing to be loyal to top skincare brands like Olay that they are putting on their skin. Olay has become a famous cosmetic company due to its reliable fairness results. Olay’s moisturizing creams, lotions are highly trusted by the ladies around the world. This is the reason why even 60 years have passed, Olay is still a good choice of cosmetic purchasers. 


2. Top Skincare Brands & Products - Neutrogena



Neutrogena is a quickly growing brand of Europe and Asia. The oil extracts, anti-aging creams, face washes, fairness solutions and anti-weather serums of Neutrogena have always been a good choice for the women. It is said that Neutrogena offers skincare products that are rich in essential nutrients and ingredients so that the customers can get the best results. Neutrogena not just presents skincare products but also promises to keep up the level of customers’ trust by presenting quality as well as top notch items.


3. Top Skincare Brands & Products - L’Oreal



L’Oreal is known as a Paris-based company, which offers one of the most reliable and highly appreciated skincare creams in the world. It offers a lot of natural and chemically-prepared toners, skin nourishing creams, moisturizers, night creams for the global customers every year. As an estimate, L’Oreal earns over 4 billion Euros a year in return to its products marketed around the world. 

4. Top Skincare Brands & Products - Lancôme



When it comes to making a list of top skincare brands & products, forgetting about Lancome is impossible. This cosmetic company is known for its skincare heeling, moisturizers, and itching creams. Lancome is a highly trusted brand, which is dominating the hearts of young women with its effective and revolutionary skincare products. Lancôme is a brand of this era for offering some natural skincare products to us. 

5. Top Skincare Brands & Products - Clinique


Clinique is an Estee Lauder Company’s subsidiary. The skincare products, moisturizers of this USA-based cosmetic company are highly appreciated by the young ladies and women of America, Europe and Asia. Clinique has taken the trust and satisfaction of the women who always find chemical-free skincare products. 

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