Six Senses La Sagesse Grenada project - One of the best investment opportunities at Grenada

Grenada is an island nation in the Caribbean, It consists of 1 main island and 6 smaller islands. Grenada is located in northwest Trinidad & Tobago, northeast of Venezuela and southwestern Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

This place is also the place where many relics of Moors civilization - A glorious civilization once existed. Granada has ancient, massive buildings and beautiful mountains, rivers and beaches..

Great project for Genada

In 2018, the number of tourists to Grenada increased rapidly. One reason for this growth is that the move to Grenada is increasingly easy. tourists can get there quickly thanks to direct flights from Toronto, New York, Miami and Atlanta.

In August 2013, Grenada launched the CBI program. Thanks to this program. Investors can access Grenadian nationality for life with one of the world's leading passports.

Range Developments and Harvey Law Group (HLG) have teamed up to implement Six Senses La Sagesse Grenada project. Range Developments is an award-winning developer of extremely luxurious resorts in the Caribbean meanwhile Harvey Law Group a leading multinational immigration and business law firm. The government of Grenada has officially approved this project on March 15, 2019.

La Sagesse is a perfect blend of natural elements and contemporary comforts / Ph: La Sagesse

This luxurious resort is located on the charming La Sagesse beach. It is close to Maurice International Airport, so it is convenient for travel. At here, guests will experience a luxury retreat with health care services. Especially, HLG software plays a very important role in this project.

Hopefully, this project will attract more tourists to Grenada in the near future. Grenada will soon become one of the best places for holidays in the world. Will you come Grenada?

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