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Signs you have an old soul

December 25, 2019

Old soul at young age refers to someone who is young but has wisdom beyond their years. They are more enlightened than other people who are their age.

Old souls prefer reading books than buying things
Old souls prefer reading books than buying things/Ph: Pexels@Daria Shevtsova

People with old souls have strong emotional stability. If you want to know whether you are in the “aging in soul” society or not, check out these old soul signs.

#1: You prefer alone time

If you are an old soul, you need time to think and focus on yourself. Introverts often spend time reading and doing things that make them feel alive, therefore, they are often considered old souls. Old souls live their lives the way they want and find peace by themselves. They are also picky when choosing people to spend time with. They would rather be alone than to be with someone they don’t relate with. So they are often seen alone.

#2: You don’t need a lot of things

You don’t derive pleasure or meaning from what you own. In your old soul eyes, your belongings are tools to help you navigate this life, but you could be fine without them.

You prefer collecting new experiences instead of collecting stuff. You don’t value material things too much because they don’t hold any meaning to you. For example, when people desire for new smartphone when it comes out, you’re just planning for your next trip or buying your next book.

#3: You spend time reflecting on your life

You are the type of person who loves to learn about yourself. You seek how to improve your life from the inside out. To make things better for you, you always look to others. Also, you know how to take responsibility for your life and you prefer responsible people.

Old souls understand that life is random and surprising, and they know that they can always choose how to react to what happens. They also have the ability to reflect on one’s life. You take time everyday to reflect on what has transpired to learn how you can move forward in life.

#4: You see a bigger picture

Some people are afraid when they do something, but not you. You always know why you are doing your things. You don’t worry too much about how to do it, because you trust that the world will show you the way. For you, whatever problems you might have, there are always bigger ones out there.

An old soul experiences life on a different level than other people. That’s what makes you special.

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