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Should you restrict calories?

September 21, 2019

The trend of calorie restriction has been growing these days as people believe in the great benefits it brings. However, everything has both sides. Let’s find out calorie restriction benefits and risks through the article.

What are the pros of calorie restriction?

The calorie restriction diet starts to be more and more popular since a study about it was published on May 2018 in the journal Cell Metabolism. The researchers found the relationship between calorie restriction and people’s health, especially weight. The study revealed that cutting just 15% of your calorie intake in 2 years could slow down the aging process and cause significant weight loss.

Eating 15% fewer calorie a year can help to lose 17.6 pounds

According to the study, people who ate 15% fewer calorie for a year can lose up to 17.6 pounds. That is the reason why many people consider calorie restriction best way to lose weight. Besides, they also experienced a decrease in oxidative stress makers. Also, the study points out that calorie restriction slows aging as the result of the reduction of energy expenditure.

The other calorie restriction benefits include more efficiency at utilizing energy as a result of long-term calorie restriction. Fat is used as fuel for your body instead of being stored in adipose tissues.

In February 2017, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also carried out a study on the effect of calorie restriction on your body. The study found that decreasing 25% of calorie intake in 2 years can reduce fat mass and waist circumference and improve cardiometabolic health in adults. More than that, scientists also reported a reduction in blood pressure, blood sugar levels and inflammatory markers in people with diabetes.

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Does it have cons?

The calorie restriction risks are worth to consider before you decide to reduce calorie in your daily diet. Less than 1,200 calories intaken a day might lead to many negative side-effects. Your body will lower your metabolism and release hormones that make you hungry. These other health risks include:

– Nutrient deficiency

– The slowdown of metabolism due to calorie reduction

– The burning of muscle mass

– Hunger boosting

– The female athlete triad

– Bone loss from calorie reduction

Although the calorie restriction benefits are considerable, there are still many negative effects you need to take into account.

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