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Should Beauty marketers focus more on Micro-Influencers?

June 15, 2019

In recent years, the importance of Micro-Influencers on social networks has been strengthened. However, Should Beauty marketers focus more on Micro-Influencers?

The beauty Industry is getting more and more complex. Beauty brands constantly implement advertising campaigns to attract users. Among them, campaigns implemented on social networks are the most important. To reduce costs and increase efficiency, should marketers focus more on Beauty Micro-Influencers? The article focuses on clarifying the above problem.

Is Beauty Micro-Influencers important to the beauty campaigns?

Micro-Influencers is highly appreciated in the beauty industry

Micro-Influencers are individuals who own social media accounts with followers of 100,000 or less. They are very active and have a voice in a specific area. Recently, they have received much attention from beauty brands that want to promote their image.

Top influencers ask a very high fee for each ad on their account. Therefore, in order to save the cost of advertising campaigns and still maintain effectiveness, beauty brands now prioritize Micro-Influencers. Idun Minerals-a famous Swedish skincare brand is one of the examples about using this effectively.

About the Data about the effectiveness of Micro-Influencers

Based on the latest Socialbakers research, 32.1% of big beauty brands prioritize the using of Micro-Influencers than Top Influencers. Besides, Beauty Industry Marketers always appreciate their importance to customers in any campaigns.

Small influential individuals connect social network users better than celebrities. They have the ability to communicate, talk and persuade followers to benefit businesses especially beauty brands.

Nicolas Chabot - Director of influence management platform Traackr analyzed 4 advertising campaigns for beauty products in the US by famous brands. The results are very beneficial for the Micro-Influencers even when brands use multiple Celebrities at the same time.

The above is the information that help you answer the question Should marketers focus more on Beauty Micro-Influencers? Hopefully, they will be useful to you.

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