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Shopping in luxury trend

December 03, 2018


The new Italic launches this week with funding raise in $13 million, is getting to show their customers by selling luxury goods from top manufactures. So, let’s find out about luxury fashion shopping.

Italic’s speciality

Italic has a 100.000 person wait list for a marketplace. It’s where you can buy purses, handbags, eye glasses and other luxury products from the manufacturers. More important, Italic works with the world’s best-known brands. It is a startup that gives shoppers access to luxury-quality goods for a fraction of their retail price, is betting on it.

For the design

Under the traditional Italic model, the products themselves are crafted at the factory by who have years of experience making products for other companies.

Besides, there are lots of designs that are on trend, for instance the fanny back reflects the current, slightly ironic craze this ‘90s style bag that brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are playing into.

Italic is a startup that gives shoppers access to factories making products for luxury brands

Italic’s most favorite items

To know more specific, among its 100 introductory products at launch (new items will launch every month) Italic will sell a scarf, most of the eyewear, leather jacket, and the favorite item of all time of the bunch-black pebbled fanny pack made at Cartier’s factory.

Gaining access to the products, members need to pay an annual fee of $120 to get success to the products. However, you can only purchase two items a month, but Italic is waiving the fee for anybody who signs up in 2018.

Things to know more about Italic

Italic will operate on a membership model, that the CEO Cai said will allow the company to control demand, service on the side for every kind of consumer.

When it comes to the next day, “Having said that we aren’t building a brand of our own and the brand of Italic could bring you high-quality products’’-Cai said.

Cai’s goal is to provide a wide variety of products when the quantities are limited. The company is solicited product feedback from members, and also the benefits like shipping discount. It will eventually cost $120 annually if members who sign up initially.

Hopefully, you can get the right way to shop following the luxury trend. Though it’s good or bad day, please choose the perfect one to suit your living conditions. Be smart to buy new luxury things!

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