Shinsegae Duty Free collaborated with artist Kim Mi-Seung to create “upcycling” beauty products

Turn garbage from beauty products into art. This collaboration really impresses many people.

Shinsegae Duty Free introduced a series of works drawn by local artist Kim Mi-Seung using discarded cosmetics to promote public interest in improving eco-friendliness.

The campaign is intended to introduce the use of upcycling in the beauty category and to enhance public engagement / Ph. Pinterest

Turn waste into art. Why not?

Upcycling, a compound word that includes 'upgrade and' recycling, is the process of transforming waste materials or discarded products into new materials or better quality products by adding design or usage capability.  It is also known as creative reuse.

According to Shinsegae Duty Free, there has recently been an explosion in recycled products, such as shoes made from plastic bottles, bags, and purses made from fire hoses.

The travel retailer said it has conducted an environmentally friendly campaign in cooperation with Kim Mi-Seung to enhance public interest in creative reuse and to stimulate price discussion about the potential treatment of upcycled products.

“Beauty products take a significant share in terms of sales. Our Myeong-dong store has the greatest number of K-beauty brands in the domestic duty free market. The campaign is intended to introduce the use of upcycling in the beauty category and to enhance public engagement,” a Shinsegae Duty Free spokesman said.

Ms. Kimi draws illustrations using expired cosmetic products to cooperate with various beauty brands.

Her work will be revealed on Shinsegae Duty Free's official SNS channels, including Instagram and Facebook. The retailer also plans an event where the hand mirrors painted by the artist will be donated.

It can be said, this is a good campaign or cooperation. As you know, environmental pollution is in the alarm condition. However, every day, a series of waste products are discharged directly into the natural environment. Why don't we take advantage of them?

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