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Secrets to become a billionaire

July 20, 2019

If you do not inherit an extremely huge amount of money from your parents, billionaires secrets to success below are some things you need to know to become a billionaire. Keep reading for the successful story of Amazon as well as the story of successful entrepreneur in the world.

For the 25 years, Amazon has become an e-commerce giant / Ph: Pinterest

Jeff Bezos wrote out the self made billionaire stories from the launch of his company Cadabra in 1994. If you are wondering how to become a billionaire with no money, learn it from Jeff Bezos. Through its 25 years of strong development, Amazon has become a giant in the e-commerce field. And in the 25th anniversary of Amazon, Bezos shares self made billionaires secrets as below.

#1: The importance of vision

Bezos once said at the Yale Club: “Vision is absolutely important, but it doesn’t deserve your day-to-day attention”. Not only about what is happening these days, but you also should spend on things that can happen in the next two or three years, like what senior executives in Amazon do.

#2: Ignore naysayers

Things you see as good may not be the same for the others. Therefore, there is always criticism. And sometimes you have to accept that. This is not because you made the wrong decision. Rather, it is that there is no use to have an argument with someone who does not understand your visions or your point of view. If Jeff Bazos had not left his Wall Street job to start Amazon, there would not have been billionaire success stories of the Amazon empire.

#3: Inefficient time can lead to the next bing things

According to Bezos, it is good to spend some of your time inefficiently. It means that sometimes you should spend your time wandering. This efficient time can lead to the next big things. You can find new ways or innovative methods in an inefficient time.

You are thinking about “how to become billionaire from zero?”, skills and knowledge are not the only things you need. Sometimes, it is important to take advantages of the worthy experience from a successful person like Jeff Bazos. Keeping to update more famous business success stories and inspirational business success stories on Vuhes.

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