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Secrets of successful aging

November 30, 2019

Ageing is a normal process of our body that all of us have to go through. While many people try to slow down this process, the others are desperate to find secrets of successful aging.

Promoting positive ageing instead of avoiding it
Promoting positive ageing instead of avoiding it / Ph: pexels@luizmedeirosph


Many people are trying to find best ways to look younger through different their diet, exercises and even going through surgery. However, let’s look at the positive side of aging and learn some secrets of successful aging.

Take care of your skin

How to age successfully? Be kind to your skin because your skin is one of the places where the first signs of ageing appear and it is your body’s largest organ. Treating your skin carefully is one of the most important factors of successful aging. You should:

#Wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing when outside to protect skin from ultraviolet rays

#Check skin cancer annually

#Choose gentle products for your anti-ageing skincare routine

#Drink enough water and stay hydrated

Do exercises

Doing exercises is a way to find out what are the components of successful aging as it can reduce the risks of different diseases, including heart disease and cancer, and promote positive aging psychology. Sleep, skin and bone health, as well as mood, are also improved considerably thanks to regular exercises. The elderly are suggested to take part in moderate-intensity exercises such as walking, swimming, dancing or cycling.


Healthy diet

Healthy strategies for successful aging are one of the major strategies for successful aging. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the secrets of successful ageing include:

#Fresh fruits and vegetables

#Lean protein, especially in fish and beans

#Whole-grain cereals, bread, rice or pasta (at least 3 ounces a day)

#Three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese)

#Healthy fats

Mental health

Positive attitude towards aging is extremely important to age gracefully. Always being happy and keeping your stress down are the way to achieve positive approach to ageing. You should spend time with meaningful relationships and loved ones. A strong social network is one of the major characteristics of successful aging, facilitating well-being and longevity. Besides, maintaining positive attitude towards aging is a must. People who are positive about this live longer and recover faster from a disability than others, according to many pieces of research.

Instead of running from ageing process, let’s embrace this natural process and find ways to enjoy it through the secrets of successful aging that we have mentioned.


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