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Seafood can improve mental wellness

November 20, 2019

The role of nutrition for mental wellness is undeniable, learn more about the link between seafood and mental health in this article.

Fish can help reduce depression
Fish can help reduce depression/ Ph: Pexels

There are more than 40 million Americans who suffer from mental health issues each day. And approximately 46.4 percent of adults will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. However, there are ways to improve mental wellness which we will be discussing in this article.

Boost mental wellness with seafood

Not only does your diet play an important role in your physical health, but also in your mental health. One of the simple ways to improve mental wellness is to have a rich seafood diet. In particular, seafood can reduce symptoms of schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, and other mental disorders. Additionally, people who have fish in their diet regularly are 20 percent less likely to experience depression. According to the American Psychiatric Association, the fatty acids in fish can make an impact on treating depression.

Seafood is an essential nutrition for mental wellness. A special fatty acid known as DHA which can be found in oily fish like salmon, trout and prawns can help with memory and improve mood and reduce anxiety. Also, fish is good for brain function because it contains omega 3 acids which help circulate serotonin and dopamine around your body. Not only can fish help improve feelings of depression, but also it can boost your memory ability.

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How to improve your mental wellness with seafood?

As you age, your brain function tends to decline. People who eat more fish have slower rates of mental decline, including serious neurodegenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, people who eat fish every week have more gray matter in the parts of the brain that helps regulate emotion and memory. Therefore, it is important for the elderly to eat fish to reduce mental decline. Moreover, if you are lazy to cook, tinned fish can still have the same effect on your mental health and they are cheaper and easier to buy. You can add fish into your diet in different ways, such as including fish into salads, wraps, and pasta dishes.
Remember to add this food for mental health wellness into your daily diet is how to improve your mental wellness.

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