Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel - the most expensive nail polish with price $21,591.17

Is it worth the price?


A gel nail polish has to be used with a gel base and a top coat and works by setting your nails under UV light. This nail polish gives a perfect mirror shine, it dries in no time and doesn’t chip or scratch at least for 2 weeks. Your nails will look as if you’ve just visited your favorite manicure master at the salon.

Salon Gel Polish Gel Nail Color have total of 20 shades.

Full range of Sally Hansen Gel Polish products is recommend to use  for best results.


Salon Gel Polish Gel Nail Color that safe easy to use at home. Nail feel protected and easy to removal, this tested by salon and give safe for users.

Sally Hansen with its care complexes and high quality will save you time and money.




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