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SAI – a creative unique aircraft design

August 27, 2019

There is a new unique aircraft design which provides better experience with regional flying. Learn about it in this article!

SAI is a tailsitter with VTOL/ Ph: Fenton Robathon

With the speedy development of technology and its advantages in reality, our lives are much improved. However, it doesn’t stop there, new aircrafts with unique techniques come out everyday. One of them is a new design of single passenger aircraft-SAI tailsitter. We will be learning about it in this article.

What is SAI?

It is a tailsitter with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) which is designed for regional flight distances by Fenton Robathan-an EVTOL Design Specialist at EosFlight. The concept of SAI is quite similar to SIH. They don’t rely on any tilting nozzles, wings or rotors to be able to achieve vertical takeoff. Additionally, SAI has a counter-balanced seat which helps it overcome weight distribution problems as well as seating issues. You can find those problems easily in any traditional tailsitter design.

How does the counter-balanced seat work?

The counter-balanced seat assists ingress and egress, so it provides the user a larger view which is really necessary when it is hovering. Along with the seat, the quadcopter design also helps perform hovering and vertical flight easier.

Also, the counter-balanced seat of SAI remains horizontal by using gravity all the time. The seat is equipped with a disc brake which helps prevent inherent problems when you use outer-balanced systems such as see-saw or inertial motion. In addition to that, the other benefit of this brake system is that it allows the user to adjust the pitch of their seat as they want. The SAI has a similar size to a normal car which is 1.7m high, 2m long and it has a wingspan of 4.8m. When you park the SAI, its wings fold upwards and allows for a compact footprint if necessary.

This unique aircraft design makes regional flying more comfortable and easier for people who would love to have new experiences in the sky.

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