Sagging butt - Best hip lift up methods

Living habits, postpartum disorders, genetic factors, ... are all factors that cause sagging buttocks.  Whatever the cause, the possession of a sagging, poor buttocks makes many people feel inferior.  So what to do?  Is there a way to overcome sagging buttocks in the long term?

What are best hip lift up methods? All will be revealed in this article.

I. What is a sagging butt?

 A body is considered beautiful when it has a round 1, slim 2 and 3 plump circle.  In particular, today's beauty trend, round 3 is more focused than the other 2 rounds.  Therefore, those who have round buttocks make many people jealous.

 However, not everyone is fortunate to have a round, qualified buttock.  Instead, many people have a bad butt, losing their attractiveness.  So how is a sagging butt?

The buttocks are composed of the support of the pelvis, the large and small size of this part is determined by the distribution of body fat.  There will also be different muscle groups, this is an important factor to create round, natural beauty.

 The buttocks are considered sagging when the hips to buttocks are not round, the texture from the waist down does not create attraction.

II - The causes of sagging buttocks

 Before finding the answer to what to do with a sagging butt, you need to understand the reason why your butt is sagging, and then have the best way to fix it.  According to experts, why there are many causes of sagging buttocks, including:

1. After giving birth, the buttocks become sagging

 Pregnancy is the process that causes your body to gain weight quickly and accumulate more fat, especially in the clumsy area, thighs and buttocks.  Usually after giving birth, the pubic region as well as the excess fat is no longer elastic, causing the buttocks to become sagging and sagging.

 Along with that, the hormonal disturbances during pregnancy and postpartum also affect the third ring, fat becomes loose and sagging easier than ever.

2. Sitting a lot 

 Sitting a lot not only affects health but also makes the buttocks "slump without braking".  Specifically, sitting in one seat continuously for many hours causes the glute to not move, gradually sagging and flattening.  Along with that, the blood does not circulate, making the skin of the buttock rough and less sharp.

3. Due to genetic factors

 Experts point out that, in many cases, there are many cases of being born with a sagging base of the third circle. Accordingly, if someone in the family encounters a sagging buttock, it is highly likely that future generations will also have a sagging buttock.

4. Wear pants that are too tight

 The habit of wearing tight-fitting pants often not only harms the "triangle", causes hemorrhoids, nerves in the legs, ... but also causes the butt to sag.  Because at this time the amount of blood is not circulated steadily down the third ring, reducing the growth of muscle tissue cells, making the buttock less firm.

5. Unhealthy living regime

 A poor diet, loaded with a lot of fast foods, greasy foods, etc. can cause your butt to sag.  This job also has a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity than normal.

 In addition, staying up late, lack of sleep, stress is also the reason for less toned round 3.  Because at this time the body tends to secrete the hormone cortisol, which stimulates the appetite for sweets more, causing excess fat to accumulate, causing sagging.

III - How to overcome sagging buttocks by nature - What are best hip lift up methods?

How to deal with a sagging butt - What are best hip lift up methods? are questions that many women are wondering about. When it comes to sagging butt problem.  For those who have time, mild sagging buttocks can refer to some natural ways such as:

1. Best hip lift up methods: Wear hip lift up pants

Sagging butt - Best hip lift up methods 

Best hip lift up methods: Wear hip lift up pants 

Possessing a saggy round 3 that makes many women have a headache, do not know what to wear?  Hip lift up pants are a "divine" solution to help women temporarily hide defects in round 3.

 With a butt-hugging design, these pants will help lift the sagging buttocks higher, creating a firm feeling.  Accordingly, after wearing hip lift up pants, women can completely wear tight pants or skirts without worrying about sagging third round.

 You should choose hip lift up pants with good material

 However, you should pay attention to choosing hip lift up pants with the right material and the right size to avoid unexpected situations.

2. Best hip lift up methods: Fix sagging buttocks with exercises

 Exercise is considered to be an effective way to help tone your buttocks.  Some hip lift up exercises you can refer to such as:

2-1. Climb stairs: Good hip lift up exersise 

Sagging butt - Best hip lift up methods

Climb stairs: Good hip lift up exersise  / ph: pexels

It sounds ridiculous, but climbing stairs is a simple hip lift up way to help women get a better butt.  This comes from the more muscle activity when escalating, toning, tense.

Accordingly, every day try to spend 20-25 minutes climbing stairs to quickly get a blooming butt, full of attraction.

2-2. Cycling exercises help hip lift up

The cycling process will help your butt to be vigorously moved, the muscles stretch and contract for better elasticity.  Thanks to that, the sagging buttocks become more plump and firmer.

Every day, spend 45 - 60 minutes cycling for sure you will quickly see the dramatic change for hip lift up effectively.

2-3. Squart exercises help hip lift up

Squat - a "divine" hip lift up exercise for apple hips and round butt.  Every day, just spending 25-30 minutes squat after 3 - 5 weeks of sagging buttocks will be significantly improved.

- Step 1: Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart

- Step 2: Inhale while stretching your back and proceed to push your buttocks out of the vegetables

- Step 3: Pillows extend, straight to the toes, hold the posture for 30 seconds

- Step 4: Exhale and return your body to the original position

- Step 5: Repeat exercise 20 times.

 In addition to the hip lift up exercises above, women can refer to exercises such as: shaking loops, jumping rope, yoga ... to overcome the bad third round.

IV - Best hip lift up methods: Apply endoscopic technology

 Sexy, round buttocks are the desire of all women.  However, applying natural exercises or wearing hip lift up pants is only a temporary solution and requires high perseverance and take time.  Therefore, the solution of hip lift up with endoscopic technology is the top priority for women.

 Endoscopic hip lift up surgery applies modern direct-impact technology in round 3 to improve the buttocks have a standard size and more aesthetically.

Sagging butt - Best hip lift up methods

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