Rihanna and the lawsuit with her father

Recently, Rihanna – a famous and beautiful singer has sued her father related to using her last name “Fenty” to expand his company without her agreement. Why does this happen? Find out details about this case through our short below article.


Using the Fenty trademark without Rihanna’s agreement is illegal whoever you are

Mr Ronal Fenty is famous singer’s father – Rihanna. Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. However Mr Fenty doesn’t have rights to act on Rihana’s behalf. Even using the name “Fenty” that is also his last name for business’ purpose is illegal, too. Rihanna is the only one who have rights to use this trademark. She owned rights on Fenty trademark since 2012 in USA. Therefore, if anyone who tries to trademark the Fenty name may be taken to court.

Using Fenty trademark without Rihanna’s agreement is illegal/pinterest.com

In Mr Fenty’s case, at the time of his company’s launch, a press was publicized with wrong information. In another words, his company named Fenty Entertainment, misled public. That company’s press stated that Fenty Entertainment associated Rihanna and her brands. Even, in this announcement, this company mentioned Mr Ronald Fenty with the role of Rihanna’s father – the superstar recording artist. But there is the truth that association between Fenty Entertainment and Rihanna’s Fenty trademark is not valid.  It means this is false advertisement invasion of privacy.

Instead of releasing notices to end this association, Mr Fenty and his company ignored this matter and continue to trademark the Fenty name. As the results, Rihanna decided to take her father to court to stop using her last name illegally.

How is the result of this lawsuit? Until now, we haven’t known. But surely that this will impact relationship between Rihanna and her father seriously. Now, wait for the newest information from the court.

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