Retouching apps show pressure on teens to be perfect

Retouching apps show pressure on teens to be perfect - it is quite a complex issue affecting future generations. It is time for us to look at them thoroughly.

A famous photographer took photos for 14 teens and gave them to edit and filter until they felt they were suitable for posting on social networks, combining these with unedited version.

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Social media has turned people into their own brands

Over the past few years, Rankin - a famed British photographer, known for founding magazines Dazed and Hunger, has tested popular filters and applications that anyone can use to make themselves appear airbrushed for a few minutes or even seconds using use nothing but smartphones.

"People are mimicking their idols, making their eyes bigger, their nose smaller and their skin brighter, and all for social media likes. It's just another reason why we are living in a world of FOMO, sadness, increased anxiety and Snapchat dysmorphia. It's time to acknowledge the damaging effects that social media has on people's self-image," says Rankin.

The photographer thinks these apps and filters are more dangerous and harmful to mental health than using professional Photoshop. We need to have a larger discussion around that issue.

He notes: "I've created this work because I want to be a part of the movement against the harmful effects that this newly accessible technology is having on people's mental state. Plus, I feel really strongly about the damage that it is doing to photography, the art form that I love. Portraiture and humanity are being overrun with homogeneity, and it's really sad to see."

In 2017, Instagram was rated as the worst social media platform for mental health by people aged 14-24. Snapchat is just above it. Both focus on images. Their impact is that plastic surgeons have identified a new trend among patients who will approach them to make procedures similar to their digital changes, named ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’ by Dr. Tijon Esho.

Retouching apps show pressure on teens to be perfect is a serious problem. Be careful when using it.

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