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Reishi mushroom health benefits

June 30, 2020

Reishi mushroom can be used to fight infections and cancer. Want to know other Reishi mushroom health benefits? Read on!


Reishi mushroom health benefits
The Reishi mushroom health benefits has been known for thousands of years / Ph: Instagram@thenewnewage


Reishi is a fungus that grows in some hot and humid locations in Asia. The Reishi mushroom health benefits has been known for thousands of years. It is also called Ganoderma lucidum and lingzhi. In this article, we will learn about the Reishi mushroom health benefits.


#1: Boost the immune system


According to some test-tube studies, Reishi mushroom extract benefits can affect the genes in white blood cells. These cells are critical parts of your immune system. That’s why reishi can boost the immune system. Also, some forms of Reishi may even alter inflammation pathways in white blood cells. In particular, the Reishi mushroom (Reishi powderincludes some of the molecules which can boost the activity of a type of white blood cell called natural killer cells, which fight infections and cancer in the body

. Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder) can also help increase other white blood cells (lymphocytes) in those with colorectal cancer.

Not only can you see these Reishi mushroom health benefits for immune system in ill people, but it can also help healthy people. According to another study in athletes exposed to stressful conditions,Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder) helped improve lymphocyte function. There are also some studies which showed that there was no significant impact of the fungus on immune function or inflammation in healthy people. In general, the impacts of Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder) on white blood cells and immune function have been proved. But to determine the benefits in the healthy and ill, we need more research.


#2: Anti-cancer properties


This fungus is known for its potential cancer-fighting properties. A lot of people are consuming it because they believe reishi mushroom cures cancer. In fact, over 4,000 breast cancer survivors were gathered in a study and about 59% consumed Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder). In addition to that, the fungus can lead to the death of cancer cells, according to several test-tube studies. Also, Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder) is believed to have effects on the hormone testosterone, so some research has investigated whether it is beneficial for prostate cancer or not.


Reishi mushroom cures cancer
Reishi mushroom cures cancer/ Ph: Instagram@blackmagicalchemy


Aside from that, there is one case study which showed that molecules found in Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder) may reverse prostate cancer in humans, but these findings weren’t supported by a larger follow-up study. The Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder) can also help prevent or fight colorectal cancer. One year of treatment with Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder) helps decrease the number and size of tumors in the large intestine. Other Reishi mushroom health benefits include boosting the activity of the body’s white blood cells and improving the quality of life in cancer patients.


#3: Fight fatigue and depression


Other Reishi mushroom health benefits apart from its effects on the immune system are that it can reduce fatigue and depression, as well as improve quality of life. According to a study on people with neurasthenia, a condition associated with aches, pains, dizziness, headaches and irritability, they took the supplements and after 8 weeks, fatigue was reduced and well-being was improved. The same effects were shown on other study on breast cancer survivors.

This Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder) contains several molecules such as triterpenoids, polysaccharides and peptidoglycans that may be beneficial for health. In fact, Reishi mushroom (Reishi powder) has a huge impact on people with certain diseases or illnesses, however, it doesn’t mean it would benefit to healthy people. You can consume fresh or dried reishi mushroom or use powdered forms of the mushroom or extracts as Reishi powderreishi mushroom capsules, reishi mushroom tincture, reishi mushroom skin care, reishi spore oil. There is a kind of Japanese red reishi mushroom, you can find more information about it. Although Reishi mushroom health benefits are a lot and undeniable, ask your doctor for advice before you use this kind of Chinese mushroom medicine.

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