Reasons for skin ageing

The demand for anti-ageing for perfect beauty method has been increased dramatically. Ageing skin is a common but serious problem many people are facing with. In the article, we discover root causes for this trouble.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation

The UV radiation, which is mainly in sunlight, causes greatly to your skin-ageing problems. More and more customers are using different types of sunscreens to reach anti-ageing for perfect beauty goal.

However, it is not true that sunscreen always positively impact on your skin. Especially for those older consumers who did not use sunscreen before, it is worthless using sunscreen as anti-ageing for perfect beauty.

UV radiation includes UVA rays, UVB rays and UVC rays with different energy levels which some ways damaging the DNA of skin cells. Therefore, these cells can not repair themselves, exposing to long-term threats of wrinkles, sunburns, or even skin cancer.

UV radiation has extremely negative effects on the skin / Ph: Kosmoderma

Using sunscreen is the most effective way to protect your skin from UV radiation to reach anti-ageing for perfect beauty goal. You should choose your sunscreen with different SPF based on your skin types to fully protect it.

Impacts of free radicals

Similarly, free radicals damage the DNA of skin cells. These free radicals come from smoke and dust in the air, and, of course, the sun, causing oxidation, glycation and lysosomal damage. They weaken your skin, change your skin colour and break the skin’s natural collagen. For better anti-ageing for perfect beauty, protecting yourself from dangerously environmental factors is a must. And the anti-ageing for perfect beauty solutions is antioxidants. They will give the free radical one of their electron. As the result, the free radical does not take an electron from the skin’s cell.

Besides, to improve the anti-ageing for perfect beauty outcomes, you need to know the signs and the long-term consequences of skin-ageing. Take some effective measures for your beautiful skin.



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