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Ready for another Sanyu Nude Auction?

November 21, 2019

Recently, Sotheby’s has revealed an auction of Sanyu’s famous artworks for sale which will be held in Hong Kong in spring 2020.

Ready for another Sanyu Nude Auction
Sanyu’s ‘Quatre Nus’ – Ravishing Beauty in Green / Ph: Sotheby’s

People in the art world are looking forward to the auction of Five Nudes by Sanyu at Christie’s this Saturday and start guessing whether it will be sold at a record price to become the most expensive modern art in the world. At that time, Sotheby’s – a major competitor of Christie’s – has officially announced it would feature an iconic nude painting by Sanyu – ‘Quatre Nus’ at the auction held in Hong Kong in spring 2020. This announcement really excites art lovers and art collectors worldwide.

Sanyu was born in China in 1901 and moved to Paris in 1921 to study at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. Sanyu reinvented the female nude and put it at the top subject matters from his early career. Most of his nude paintings that time only featured a single figure except for six depicted groups.

Pheromones Attract at

Pheromones Attract at

Sotheby’s, one of the major art auction houses in the world, will offer his nude painting of Quatre Nus for sale in spring 2020. This expensive artwork for sale applies a diagonal composition in its depiction of four reclining female nude figures. Each of them has different postures, hair colour and facial features.  This auction soon receives great attention from artists and art lovers worldwide.

The price of this nude painting has been not revealed. However, one thing you can be sure that this price gonna be sky-rocketing because they are more and more art investors who are willing to invest in arts, especially Asian investors.

The Five Nudes which depicts the more figures is estimated to be sold at the price of between HK$250 million and HK$550 million (US$ 32 million and US$ 71 million) thanks to the modern art history movements. If this is true, the Five Nudes will be the most expensive paintings in the world. The current auction record for Sanyu hit the sale of his Nude at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong on October 5 which costs up to HK$198 million.

Sanyu’s expensive art pieces for sale are attracting art lovers and art collectors worldwide for their aesthetic value and their place in early modern art history.

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