Read it before a breast implant decision

Nowadays, breast implants are no longer strange to us, especially women. Many people have breast implants for medical reasons, but mainly they want to change their breasts’ size.

However, it seems that we should consider the risks of breast implants before making decisions.

There are many posts on social media and newspapers mentioning the risks of breast implants. Last week, the US Food & Drug Administration and the General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel held a meeting about the benefits and risks of breast implants.

Breast implant risks may outweigh the benefits / Ph: Pinterest

The two health issues associated with the risks of breast implants, among 7 topics, receive most attention: BIA-ALCL (breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma), rare cancer, and BII (breast implant illness).

Are breast implants are safe?

In 1994, Sherine Gabriel, an esteemed rheumatologist, carried out the epidemiological study investigating the truth of the risks of breast implants. The study found 12 connective-tissue diseases besides 3 other diseases which did not relate to breast implants. In 2015, Mark Jewell, a plastic surgeon, with his 32 studies claimed that there is no association between breast surgery and our health.

What about studies on the relationship between implants and our health?

Last year, researchers from Anderson Cancer Center of Texas University analyzed data from manufacturers to find the risks of breast implants. Breast patients are more likely to suffer from diseases, such as Sjögren's syndrome, melanoma, stillbirth and rheumatoid arthritis. Last year, a study conducted by Isreali scientists also points out the bad effects of implants.

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With silicone and saline breast implant, cancer of immune cells now is able to spread in scar tissue. On the other hand, the risks of breast implants include rashes, brain fog, joint pain, fever, hair loss, memory loss,…

BIA-ALCL is caused mainly by textured implants, a genetic predisposition, time and inflammation. The risks of breast implants happen between 1 in 3,817 and 1 in 30,000 of all women having breast implants.

Breast implants may make you sexier, we can not deny it, but the risks of breast implants really should be taken into consideration.

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