National Museum of Qatar - One of the most luxurious cultural projects of this country

The National Museum of Qatar, which was designed by Jean Nouvel – a famous French architect has just been opened this week, from that telling the story about history of the small gulf country and the journey to become a rich country by oil.

Ph: thepeninsulaqatar

Unique design with impressive ideal of construction

With the area of 52000m2 and worth up to 434 million USD, the National Museum of Qatar which was inspired by the desert rose will be one of the most unique and amazing constructions in this country. The roof was formed by 76000 different curved disks which were perfectly matched will be the pride of Qatar to the world.

Special experience when visiting the National Museum of Qatar

The center of the Museum is newly restored palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani – son of the founder of modern Qatar. Throughout the tour of visiting the Museum, visitors will experience a 1,5 kilometers journey through three historical periods of Qatar: The beginning, Life in Qatar and Building the Country through the images in 11 display rooms. By the tour, visitors can somehow know about the relationship between Qatar and the world.

Unique design of the National Museum of Qatar is the pride of this country to the world / Ph: the National Museum of Qatar

Beside the palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, the National Museum of Qatar includes the exhibition on wooden boats to celebrate Qatar's ancient maritime industry, 220-seat auditorium, 2 commercial complexes, culinary space, cultural heritage research and development center and a park with native plants. Especially, with 3D images, video clips and vivid sound, the museum gives visitors the most authentic experiences.

According to Qatar officials, the Museum is a place to mark Qatar’s history of development, from the Bedouin community in the past to a modern, energetic country. In addition, the National Museum is considered the Qatar’s political manifesto in the race for soft culture and power among Gulf states.

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