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Psychology Of High Achievers – Top 8 Things You Should Know

February 10, 2020

Do you want to know how do high achievers really think? They are often unsurprisingly by strong motives to achieve. Less accomplished people are often motivated to reduce the risks of failure. Now, you should spend time reading this article to know more about psychology of high achievers.

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Psychology Of High Achievers – Top 8 Things You Should Know


1. Success Is The Personal Responsibility

High achievers tend to believe that effort and persistence are very important for success at demanding tasks. Addition to this, failure-avoiding people tend to view success as something dependent on resources as well as situational constraints.

2. Achievement Striving Is Enjoyable

High achievers associate effort on these demanding tasks with concentration, dedication, commitment as well as involvement. Failure-avoiding people see effort as stressful or overloading and they see perseverance in setbacks and obstacles as compulsive. This is actually one of the things that you should know when learning about psychology of high achievers.

3. Demanding Tasks Are Opportunities

High achievers tend to consider demanding tasks where they are not sure to gain success as opportunities or challenges. Whereas, failure-avoiding people tend to see these demanding tasks as threats that can result in the embarrassment of failure.

4. Achievement Striving Is Valuable

When it comes to psychology of high achievers, there is a fact that achievement striving is valuable. High achievers value hard work; whereas, failure-avoiding people may see achievement striving as something uncool. They can associate achievement striving with early death.

5. Persistence Works

High achievements are inclined to think that continual effort and commitment can help them overcome failures or initial obstacles while failure-avoiding people are inclined to consider initial failure as a sign of something to come.

The beliefs held by high achievers are not necessarily logical or correct than those held failure-avoiding people, not in all situations. Nonetheless, they are associated with high achievement levels. So, once you know the modes of achievement versus failure-avoiding thoughts, you may be able to recognize them in a different way that other people talk about their dreams, goals, setbacks and successes. Also, you will recognize them in your own thoughts, and you can opt for cultivating the beliefs that may help you achieve your goals.

6. Skills Can Be improved

High achievers have a strong belief that they may improve their results on demanding tasks with training, practice and dedication to learning while failure-avoiding people are more likely to see skills as dependent or fixed on innate talents.

7. The Reason Of Their Drive

High achievers are driven. They often persevere longer, work harder and bounce back from difficulty faster than others. While some individuals drive stems from pain and hurt, high achievement may mask the heartache temporarily, but the pain lurks beneath the surface.

8. Fear Of Losing Everything

The more achievement a person gains, the more things he can lose. Actually, the fear of losing everything can make some high achievers become paralyzed by fear. Therapy can help them know that even if they do not succeed, they will still be fine. These treatments may be healthy ways to deal with anxiety and stress.

After reading this article, hope that you can be aware of psychology of high achievers. All information and tips revealed in this article are all proven by experienced and successful people, so start making use of them right from today for good!

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