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Probiotic is becoming latest beauty trend of women

December 15, 2018


While Korean girls are jolly by skin care products containing fermented ingredients, the beauty industry in Europe and America has been creating a more advanced version with probiotic cosmetics. Actually, use probiotic skin care products is a trend which is interested and concerned by many cosmetics manufactures.

Advantages of probiotic on your skin

In our daily busy life, external factors such as polluted environments, ultraviolet rays, lifestyles or internal ones like genes, hormones and anxiety have been destroying our skin at different speeds. So, take good care of your skin from natural steps can bring about significant improvements.

Probiotic is beneficial bacteria, which is found in fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchim or kombucha. This ingredient is commonly used in making foods to promote healthy digestive system. Nowadays, probiotic technology is widely used in skincare products.


Probiotic products are highly appreciated on beauty care and aging prevention / Ph: Pinterest

Probiotic skincare products work differently than traditional cosmetics. If traditional cosmetics focus on the supplementary of essential ingredients for skin, probiotic cosmetics directly affect acid layer and the composition of skin bacteria. Because active ingredients of probiotic products are easily absorbed, they bring positive effect for lower layers of the skin.

Beauty brands are launching more and more probiotic products

Understand the benefits of probiotic to beauty and skincare, many cosmetics brands introduce their new products for their consumers. In particular, Esse Skincare’s R10 Probiotic Serum contains a billion of live microorganisms per milliliter to create an ideal microorganism environment for skin, from that slow down aging process. This natural product with 85% organic ingredients is suitable with people having eczema and rosacea. 

Recently, Roelmi HPC launched its personal care ingredient: Aective. This is a biotech-derived molecule, the sort of personal care technology that will lead to microbiome-friendly product innovations.

Probiotic cosmetics are valued to have tremendous potential in treating acne, increasing skin resistance and enhancing moisturizing effects. This kind of product promises to be more developed in the future.

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