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Post-Mastectomy Bra for your style and comfort

May 15, 2019

There are a lot of designers who have created comfortable post-mastectomy bras for patients having had mastectomy surgery. One of the most outstanding designs is the one of Lisa Marks. It is said to create the illusion of symmetry.

About this bespoke design

With the combination of traditional handicrafts and technology, this bra can fit the body of those who have had breast tissue removed. Using a 3D scan along with the innovative Algorithmic Lace Bra, Lisa Marks brings people with two main advantages. First, it forfeits the underwire of a normal bra which often causes pain. Second, it helps patients create curves underneath their breasts.

Algorithmic Lace Bra is such a unique bra for women having undergone mastectomy surgery/ Ph: dezeen

According to US Health Department Statistics, there are 60 percent of women choosing not to get reconstruction after their mastectomy. This means it is hard for them to find a kind of bra that fits their current shape. In order to solve these problems, designer Lisa Marks created this new Algorithmic Lace bra for special occasions and intimate moments.

She used a complicated lacemarking technique founded in Croatian bobbin lace as a starting point. The computer modelling helped her a lot in using digital advancements to sustain traditional crafts to design her special bra.

A CNC router helps her cut the bust shape into foam. Then, the algorithm determines the right pattern to produce to this particular form.

So as to make the bra, Marks uses the 3D body-scan along with a set of points that can be tweaked to pull stitches in or push them away/ Ph: dezeen

The process to make this bespoke bra requires both human work and machine work. In order to create a stylist and comfortable bra for women, Lisa Marks tried so hard to include the textile industry with high-tech one. Therefore, future designers should follow her steps to create many more bespoke design to serve a large number of customers.

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