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Pagani unveils newest Hypercar Huayra Roadster BC

August 07, 2019

Huayra Roadster BC becomes one of the most expensive series ever made by Pagani, Italy. This super-expensive convertible has been developed from the special version Pagani Huayra BC. New model of the Italian brand continues to be positioned as one of the most distinctive supercars in the world. 

The most expensive hypercar of Pagani 

The most expensive and luxurious hypercar in the world

The newly introduced Huayra Roadster BC costs up to $3.5 million and is produced only 40 cars worldwide. In fact, the price of this supercar is equal to 10 Lamborghini Aventador ($350,000 of each) and more than 100 Toyota Camry XSE (V6 3.5L) ($34,850 of each). 

Highlight parts of the car is 6.0L AMG V12 engine with a capacity of 800 horsepower, maximum torque of 1,050 Nm. This supercar is 50 horsepower and 28 Nm stronger than the Huayra Roadster BC Coupe. 

The Huayra Roadster BC body uses Monocoque structure, which is made from composite material, carbo-titanium HP62 G2 material and carbo-triax HP62. These materials are not only light but also super hard. 

Pagani announces that the single clutch mechanism is 35% lighter than dual clutch. With many other optimal structures, the new supercar weighs only about 1,217 kg. 

Become the supercar that the super rich of the world like to own

Actually, the Huayra Roadster BC is not only a vehicle but also a mobile art work with top-notch processing techniques and elegant emotional design style

In Pagani, Horacio Pagani has adopted the philosophy which is from the Renaissance of art genius Leonardo da Vinci. Before founding the Pagani, this leader used to work at Lamborghini. Along with McLaren, Pagani is a pioneer of supercar manufacturers in widely applying carbon materials. 

Pagani is expected to bring the supercar Huayra Roadster BC to the Monterey Car Week 2019 event in California, USA next week. Following Vuhes daily for more updates about timeless creations and latest car trends.

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