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Organic home gardening with Rotofarm

September 11, 2019

Organic home gardening has been much easier with Rotofarm. Check out this article to learn more about this innovative system.

Plants are grown in a rotary garden

Home gardening plants are good for your green and healthy life. However, it can be difficult for apartment dwellers to grow a plant, especially with traditional farming technique. Today, a new system called Rotofarm can help you grow plants quickly and provide healthy organic food for your family. This is a revolution in home gardening.

Hydroponic indoor farming with Rotofarm

Rotofarm was designed by Toby Farmer who refined the principles of rotary hydroponics for it. According to Farmer, the system helps grow vegetables easier and faster in a self watering vegetable planter. The idea of this farming style was initially developed by NASA. Similar to other hydroponic systems, the Rotofarm uses mess-free nutrient and water reservoirs instead of soil to feed vegetables and plants. The rotary design makes the plants turn in a full circle every hour and they also spend half their time in negative gravity. 

Additionally, an automated LED light tube at the centre is another feature of the design. This light tube is quite similar to sunlight, divided into four zones to provide the optimal level of light for different plants. Additionally, there is a magnetic cover which helps reduce the glare without affecting the produce inside. The Rotofarm can even notify the user when the plants have overgrown and require harvesting which is really convenient.

The benefits of Rotofarm and home organic gardening vegetables

Home gardening with organic farming doesn’t require preservatives or pesticides, so you can save your money on groceries. Also, with Rotofarm, users can grow different vegetables such as lettuce, kale, spinach, mint, etc… They are protected from wind damage, sunburn, insects, water loss and fungus. In addition to that, the system is friendly to the environment as it helps reduce carbon emissions which are produced by mass farming, transport and plastic packaging. Also, with fresh vegetables available in your kitchen, it is easy for you to pursue a healthy diet. 

This indoor vegetable farm is a clever design which brings healthy organic food into your kitchen. Why don’t you get one?

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