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Olea Vitae-A reverse aging breakthrough

August 15, 2019

If you are wondering how to reverse the aging process of skin, this article is for you! Check it out for useful information about this reverse aging breakthrough.

If you want to overcome the aging process, you need to take good care of your skin with good beauty products. Olea Vitae is one of them which helps fight against aging via the stimulation of mitochondrial synapses. In this article, we will be broadening your knowledge about this beauty trend.

About Olea Vitae-the first cellular oil

One of the most innovative ingredients and formulas just launched in the skin-care industry. It is a powerful revitalizer of aging skin Olea Vitae which is made from specific signalling lipids. This lipids are extracted from the plant cell membrane of wild olive tree. This cellular oil resembles the activity of cellular lipids. Not only does it help protect and optimize the skin cell’s energy, but it also increases the production of structural proteins which helps revitalize aging skin. The result it brings to the skin is amazing, it can revive your skin!


Olea Vitae can revive your skin

How does Olea Vitae work on your skin?


As we all know, our cellular energy level is affected by the aging process. The older we get, the less energy our cellular has. This is because our aged cells can not recharge their internal energy anymore. As a result, our skin needs something to assist them to produce mitochondria which generates our cell’s energy. In this situation, using Olea Vitae helps activate our skin’s energy regeneration cycles and recharge its batteries. 

In addition to that, the decrease of mitochondria biogenesis and their ability to communicate with each other are not only caused by the aging process, but also by stress or lack of sleep. Therefore, even if you are still young and your skin haven’t aged, this product can still be helpful for your skin.

Having a youthful skin is a dream of every one. As you know about the reverse aging breakthrough which can help reverse aging process, what are you waiting for?

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