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Office furniture adopts new healthy trends

February 27, 2019

#1: Balance boards products

This kind of stuff has a platform that can move backwards and forwards. Therefore, officers are able to change their postures, engaging more muscles during their working time. The BackApp ergonomic chair,  a Norwegian high quality modern office chair brand has introduced a combination of a saddle chair and a balance board in order to help people deal with their back pain. BackApp CEO Freddy Johnsen said that it would be better for workers to sit for two hours and then stand up instead of spending all day sitting on that chair.

This kind of chair is becoming trendy among office environment / Ph: Sedie Design

#2: Pods in open-plan offices

Almost all companies now have open-plan offices, thus support spaces are limited in those places. So as to create more places for people to corporate with each other, pod manufacturer Into the Nordic Silence unveiled a wide range of goods at 2019 fair. There was Pod Phone as well as acoustically friendly modular furniture pieces, which contain a single seat called Cube Solo and a curved meeting-area called Point Cup. COO of the pod manufacturer reported that with their modular pod rooms, workers were able to create a healthy and functional environment easily.

Lindner Cube solo | Lindner Group

Point Cup by Into the Nordic Silence

As people are concerning more about pod rooms, the 2019 fair attracted a lot of famous labels providing acoustic solutions for people’s health problems.

#3: Pods bring privacy and silence

The increasing number of co-working spaces has led to the need of a kind of pods that can offer privacy as well as noise reduction. At the fair, Nordic brand Martela launched a PodBooth in order to help people roll between places easily. Designer Henrik Kjellberg of o4i Design Studio commented that the newborn of the PodBooth was such natural development in that busy century when people wanted to have some space going and talking privately.

Pod Booth by Martela

#4: Saddle stools

Sedentary lifestyle of officers has led to so many negative impacts on their health. As a result, saddle-shaped office stools are one of the outstanding items that workers want to own with an aim to engaging more movement and preventing bad problems for them.

This active chair is such a great meeting point between sitting and standing/ Ph: Sedie Design

#5: Variation

There are so many firm including “active days” to encourage workers to stand up and use standing desks, saddle chairs or wobble boards in order to let their hair down. Some variation during the day is so important for people who want to create office wellness.

In conclusion, the trend for healthier office furniture is understandable. This helps people work more effectively, resulting great results for companies.

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