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Nutrition for the elderly

October 28, 2019

Health is always a top concern for the elderly. To have good health, you need to pay attention to many factors such as exercise and eating. Understanding nutrition for the elderly will help you know how to use food more flexibly.

Meal planning guidelines for the elderly are very important

Developing nutrition for the elderly

A balanced diet with essential nutrients can help the elderly prevent common health problems such as constipation, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, excess cholesterol …Nutritional products also help the elderly to maintain a healthy weight and full energetic.

USDA diets included whole grain, Moderate portion control, half of the diet is fruits and vegetables, elderly people should eat lightly, control the salt content in dishes such as soups, bread,..

DASH Diet: This is a diet that focuses on all food groups to help lower blood pressure and is good for the heart. Additional foods each day include milk, vegetables, cooking oil, cereals, fruits, meat, beans, etc.

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Nutrition and food requirements during old age

The elderly menu needs four main food groups (carbohydrates, protein, fat, fruits and vegetables) and essential nutrients for the body. Elderly daily diet plan should include the following foods:

    • Healthy fats: Elderly people need to add foods have healthy fats like nuts, avocados, fatty fish and vegetable oils … especially olive oil to the diet for the elderly. Older people should minimize saturated and trans fats.
    • Filtered water: Older people should actively add enough water for bodies. In addition, fruits and foods that are healthy and contain lots of water such as soups, cucumbers, grapes, and watermelons are very good for health.
    • Protein: Older people need more protein from legumes, eggs, chicken, fish, and lean meat as well as nuts to provide energy for the body.
    • Calcium, vitamin D: Calcium is an important trace element that plays an important role in helping the elderly to have strong and strong skeletal systems. Therefore, special nutritional needs for elderly should include foods rich in calcium and vitamin D.
    • Vitamin B12: The absorption of vitamin B12 by the elderly decreases, so the diet for the elderly needs to increase vitamin B12-rich foods such as whole grains. You can also take vitamin B12 supplements as prescribed by your doctor if needed.

Thus, nutrition for seniors is extremely important. It reduces disease and improves longevity for the elderly. Prepare a good elderly daily diet plan that fulfill nutritional requirements for old age according to older adults nutrition guidelines by nutrition specialists is a must.

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