Nonsurgical Procedure – the major trending aesthetic treatment

Do you know, in recent year, what are the major trending aesthetic treatments? Our below article which is written based on new data by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS) will help you to understand better about this.

Noninvasive procedure both on and off the face – the major choice for aesthetic treatment

Data that are released by ASPS show that there are millions of cosmetic procedure in 2018. The stigma related to plastic surgery is not matter nowadays. People care about more aesthetic treatment. It is why more and more plastic surgeries are performed.

However an uptick in noninvasive procedure is the noteworthy point in ASPS’s data. Especially, two collagen –booting and minimally –invasive procedure: platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and fat transfer to the face have a significant surge. Why does this happen?

Firstly, they are chosen because they are injectable. Therefore it is easy to perform and no need general anesthesia. PRP is also popular choice by famous people who would like to become more beautiful and keep their young time when it comes to nonsurgical avenues. Their faces look fuller and more refresher.

Platelet-rich plasma –one of popular trending aesthetic treatment/ Ph: purelyhealthclinic

The second method – fat transfer to the face is considered as good choice to have natural-looking face after aesthetic treatment. Patients are interested and decide to apply this treatment because the fat for the surgery is harvested from their own body. So, it is absolutely natural fat.

Fat Transfer to Face / Ph: Cadogan Clinic

Many people believe that nonsurgical treatments like PRP or fat transfer to the face are very safe for their health. They don’t need to suffer from the pain so much. And the result is wonderful. Now, what is the major trending aesthetic treatment? Surely, you have answer for this question, right? Would you like to try one of these treatment?

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