Danger factors can happen to luxury brands in the upcoming 2019
Many luxury brands in the fields of fashion or cosmetics are all very confused with the analysis of the upcoming beauty trend of many different customer components.
2019’s 10 retail marketing trends
An online discount site RetailMeNot has forecasted 10 trends that will dominate the retail marketing in 2019. This survey is conducted with the participation of 200 retail marketers and 5,000 consumers. Let’s take a deep look.
The Way Online Fashion Retailer Zalora Cracked Southeast Asia
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China and the fight against fake goods
China is known as the paradise of counterfeit products. Chinese government are trying to demolish this fake market. How is Chinese sellers’ reaction with government’s decisions and why do Chinese government hit hard on fake market after a long time?
Why is it still possible to sell fake goods in China on Wechat, Tiktok, Instagram?
The sale of fake goods is still recurring in China on e-commerce sites and social networking sites. A variety of counterfeit items from famous brands such as Dior, Hermès, Gucci and St Laurent are sold out in spite of the law.