The influence of emotions on the beauty industry
More evidence suggests that cosmetics have been used by humans about 30,000 years ago from Neanderthal times. At the present age, the emotions greatly influenced the choice of beauty users.
Luxury brands should focus on social listening
It is important that luxury brands stand out on social media in a positive way. So What should they do?
Rich Millennials and the way of spending money
Millennials (Y generation) are people born between the ages of 18 and 34, who are the first generation growing up with strong development of social media.
Fake influencers causing ‘headaches’
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Fashion Industry Waste Reduction With Digital Customization
The “zero waste” trend has changed a lot of aspects of our world. And beauty is one of them. Recently, Synflux has developed Digitally Customized Clothing to reduce fashion industry waste. Let’s get more information through the article below.