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Pristine homes in Italy attracts people to live in rural areas
Italy introduced a new policy for building pristine homes in rural areas and selling them cheaply to people. So those who dream of living peacefully in the countryside can immediately realize that dream.
Purpose and value in beauty products are Millennials priorities
It is true to say that many famous beauty brands have paid more attention to Millennials and the number of beauty brands becoming the purpose - driven beauty brands is more and more increasing.

Luxury Spending Of Chinese Consumers Is Predicted To Increase
Despite a lot of concerns about Chinese’s market, especially the trade war between China and the US, China’s luxury market is predicted to rise in 2019. Let’s get more details through the article below.
High-end firms from Europe gain high revenue in China
According to a Refinitiv analysis, in 2019, European based luxury groups have earned a lot of money from China which is one of the largest market in the world.
More and more investors are interested in Avastars
How is this new virtual influencer trend? Why is it worth? Read this article for more information.