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Male Wellness Is On The Rise
The global wellness industry is developing so fast that it is predicted to be worth $4.2 trillion in the next year. And the rise of the male wellness is much faster than that of the female. Let’s dive into details through the article below.
Livestream is expected to be a big thing to the e-commerce industry
A prediction that livestreaming will be the next big thing in e-commerce was made by Taobao. This will come true by Amazon's actions.
Gen Z – The Next Leader Of The Beauty World
Gen Z are truly digital citizens since they have grown up with the internet, social media and mobile systems. They are the ones seeking the different beauty inside them rather than becoming like the others.
The influence of emotions on the beauty industry
More evidence suggests that cosmetics have been used by humans about 30,000 years ago from Neanderthal times. At the present age, the emotions greatly influenced the choice of beauty users.
Ecommerce trends – Modern life’s shopping trend
It is impossible to deny that ecommerce is the main trends nowadays. The development of technologies in this era has made ecommerce become an indispensable part in our life. Data in our below article is clear evidence for this ecommerce trends.