Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival - California’s remarkable event in early October

Wine and food festival is an interesting and exclusive event which is annually organized in many countries and regions such as New Zealand, Hermanus, Nashville, Marlborough or the United States.

In early October of this year, Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival was successfully held in Southern California, attracted a large number of participants.

Special party with high-grade foods and beverage

Wine and Food Festival in Newport Beach is a weekend festival held from October 4 to October 7, 2018. Come to the event, participants could enjoy a wonderful culinary space, directly processed by celebrity chefs, mixologists and local executive chefs from 40 different top restaurants. The attendees not only taste delicious foods but also experience live cooking demonstrations and book signings with the world’s renowned celebrity chefs.

The tasty foods in Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival 

The participants were really in a foodie paradise with various colors, attractive aroma and savory taste of the party. The chefs’ creations with fish tacos, seared foie gras, bone pork ribs, salsa and so on did made table companion forget the way back home.

Moreover, there were around 250 premier beers, cocktails, wines and other beverages which makes the party more attractive and takes the festival to another level.

Relaxing moment

The festival was the time for various types of foods and beverages, it was also the relaxing moment for all people. Endless Dreams yacht brought the guests along the bay while enjoying live musics and making the most of unforgettable feelings. Under twinkling and sparking lights, people chatted with celebrity chefs, listened to their useful sharing, from that learning a lot of cooking secrets to apply in daily life.

Memorable moments of the Newport Beach Wine and Food festival 

The event is considered as the most intimate and word-class epicurean festival in Southern California. Participants report that Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival is really a precious experience and a perfect way to wind down the weekend.

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